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OSU vs. ASU :: Friday Recap (L, 3-4)

The Beavers went down 4-3 in front of a record crowd at Goss Stadium. Here's a look at the inning by inning breakdown:

First Inning

Arizona State manufactured a run right off the bat when their first three hitters reached base. Smith singled, Wallace walked, then Sogard singled, driving in Smith. After that the Sun Devils went 1-2-3, but they got on the board quick, something that opposing teams have been doing to the Beavers a lot in the last month.

The Beavers got that run right back however, on Mitch Canham's blast over the new right field temporary bleachers. According to some fan reports, it landed next to the red obstacle you can see in this webcam, then bounced into some bushes along Washington Way. That's deep.

That was all the major excitement for the Beavers in the first, so after 1, it's Oregon State 1, Arizona State 1.

Second Inning

Roling and Romine both reached based for Arizona State, but after that, it was 1-2-3. No damage done by the Sun Devils.

Barney, Santschi, and George went 1-2-3 for the Beavers, and we're headed for the third.

Third Inning

Two singles and a double produced a quick run for Arizona State, then a sacrifice ground out produced another. The next two guys were retired by Stutes, ending the inning, but two runs later, Arizona State now leads by two.

Joey Wong led off with a double, then was tagged out at third on base running error. Hopkins hit a ground ball to the infield, and Wong took off for third without waiting for the throw. Eventually would cost us a run.

Ogata struck out, then Canham walked, putting two on with two outs. Lissman singled to left, driving in Hopkins, and the Beavers pulled within one. Lennerton grounded out, and that's it for the third.

After three, it's Arizona State 3, Oregon State 2.

Fourth Inning

The Devils went down in order, as did the Beavers, and we're headed for the fifth.

Fifth Inning

Eric Sogard led off with a double, but after that it was uno, dos, tres for the ASU.

It's also 1-2-3 for the Beavers, and there went two quick innings.

Sixth Inning

Roling was hit by a pitch to lead things off for Arizona State, then Romine singled, and Roling scored on a ground out by Joe Persichina. Two consecutive ground outs to Joey Wong ended the inning, but not before the Sun Devils took a two run cushion.

The Beavers got two base runners, but couldn't get them around. Five up, two on, and three down for the Beavers.

After six, it's Arizona State 4, Oregon State 2.

Seventh Inning

Same situation for Arizona State... five up, two on, and three out. That will be the end of Mike Stutes' day, and it was a great one. He only allowed one of the best offensive teams in the country four runs in seven innings of work, and struck out nine along the way.

1-2-3 for the Beavers.

Eighth Inning

Blake Keitzman comes on now in relief of Stutes, and pitches a perfect inning. A flyout and two ground outs later, the Beavers are back in the dugout.

They don't do much though, as it was another 1-2-3 inning. The question is... is the Arizona State pitching shutting them down, or are they shutting themselves down?

Ninth Inning

Another brilliant inning by Keitzman, and he gives the Beavers one last chance to battle back from a deficit of only two.

Lennerton and Barney both grounded out to get two quick outs, which put the Beavers deep in a hole early. Trying to get on the comeback trail, Santschi reached on an error, Wallace walked, and JOEY WONG (!) hit a clutch RBI single, bringing the deficit to one, and putting the tying run on second. Chris Hopkins grounded out, and never mind about all that stuff we were just talking about. Game over, Beavers lose.

So, the Beavers go down 4-3, move to 8-11 in conference, and it's not looking that good. Stutes pitched a phenomenal game, as did Ketizman, but it's hard to win when you can't score.

OSU leads the nation in fielding percentage, but at some point, you have to score runs.

Game 2 tomorrow.