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Pac-10 Standings

Team Conf. Overall
  W L W L
Arizona State 14 4 38 12
UCLA 12 6 28 22
Arizona 11 7 36 13
Washington 9 9 27 23
Oregon State 8 10 36 13
USC 8 10 26 23
Cal 8 10 25 24
Wash. State 8 13 25 23
Stanford 6 15 22 27
Oregon Track is cool!

As you can see, the Beavers are in a three way tie for fifth place in the Pac-10, the only two teams they have yet to play are currently sitting at the top; Arizona State and UCLA.

In the last six games, the Beavers really need to win five or even all six to have any chance of a home regional. Two or three wins and they're probably on the road. The Beavers had a strong non-conference showing which is really helping them. Also, by playing the two best teams in the conferance, Oregon State's RPI should go way up if they start winning games.

There you have it, folks. Two Pac-10 conference series' to go.

It all starts with the Sun Devils, tonight, at Goss.

Go Beavers!