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Weekend Stats :: WSU Series

The Beavers won one of three for the second straight week, and here are their offensive stats compiled from the three weekend games:

Braden Wells and Erik Ammon sit atop the chart, but since they had less than five at bats, we're going to award this weekend's batting crown to Mitch Canham and Joey Wong, both who batted .400.

Wong was 2 for 5 on Friday, and 3 for 3 on Saturday, the main reason he sits near the top. Canham was 0 for 4 on Sunday, but thanks to his games on Friday and Saturday, his average is also lifted.

The stat I don't like on here is strikeouts per game. The Beavers are striking out eight times a game, and only getting ten hits. I would like to see those numbers move in opposite directions away from each other in the coming weeks.

The Beavers play Arizona State this weekend, one of the most powerful offensive teams in the conference. I'll get some stats up to back this hypothesis, but the Sun Devils are good. The Beavs and Devils played once earlier in the year during the Coca-Cola Classic. Oregon State won 12-4. We'll also take a look back at the stats from that game as well.

Go Beavers!