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OSU vs. WSU :: Sunday Recap (L, 5-3)

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It was a beautiful day in Corvallis, but the Beavers couldn't produce offensively, a common problem of late, and the Cougars got the best of Oregon State, 5-3.

Jorge Reyes pitched a decent game. Nothing spectacular, but he has some good stuff, and will heavily benefit our club in the following years.

Offensively, the Beavers only played one inning of baseball. That's not going to get it done in the Pac-10, and that's what happened on Sunday at Goss. The Beavers had sparks of offense, like a triple by Darwin Barney seen below. Problem was we couldn't drive guys in, and left them stranded.

The Cougs developed an early lead, and the Beavers didn't mount any kind of comeback until Mike Lissman sent a two run homer deep over the left field wall in the ninth:

My homie Mikey Slick roundin' third after droppin' 'da bomb.

The game had one of the most bizarre endings I've ever seen, and it was a surreal way to end the Beavers rally. It was fitting, however, since the Beavers couldn't get anything going the whole day.

The Beavers are slated for Arizona State this week, and they need all the games they can get.

Go Beavers