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OSU vs. WSU :: Friday Recap (L, 5-4)

Oregon State didn't get the offensive production it needed, and even with a decent performance by the pitching staff, the Beaver offense couldn't get it done. They lost 5-4.

The pitching wasn't spectacular, but the Beaver offense definitely had their opportunities. The Beavers got four runs on eight hits, compared to the Cougars' five runs on twelve hits. Mike Stutes gave up a pair of home runs, but it was nothing the Beavers shouldn't have overcome at the plate.

Mike Lissman and Joey Wong each had two hits, the only two Beavers to accomplish that feat yesterday.

On the hill, Mike Stutes went six innings, allowing five runs on nine hits. He walked two and struck out eight. He faced 29. Maxwell went one third, and faced three batters. He allowed a hit and walked one, but didn't give up any runs. Grbavac came in and pitched the final two and two thirds, allowing only one hit, and giving up a walk. He faced ten.

For the Cougars, starter Wayne Daman Jr. went five and two thirds. He allowed all four Beaver runs, walked two, and struck out three. Steve Cost and Nick Cebula each faced a handful of batters, then closer Ross Humes came in and took care of the Beavers in the ninth.

Game 2 is today, and now the Beavers are fighting for their lives.

Go Beavers!