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OSU vs. WSU :: Friday Inning by Inning

I was on the road last night during the baseball game, but I was able to catch the last half on the radio. For time's sake, here is what Oregon State did last night, along with some tidbits about Washington State:

First Inning

Washington got on the board first when Simi Reynolds doubled, driving in Paul Gran from first. The Cougars ended up getting the bases loaded, but Mike Stutes struck out back to back batters, and the Beavers escaped the jam, only allowing one run.

Chris Hopkins led off with a ground out, followed by a pop fly to center by Darwin Barney. Canham singled to the right side, then Jason Ogata struck out. Four up, three down, and the Beavers trail.

Thru 1, it's Washington State 1, Oregon State 0

Second Inning

Nothing doing for the Huskies, and nothing doing for the Beavers either. The Beavers went 1-2-3, and we're headed for the third.

Third Inning

The good news for Mike Stutes in the third was that he got all three outs by way of strikeouts, but he did give up a single to Jared Prince, followed by a two run homer by Scott Suttmeier.

The Beavers got a rally of their own, as Kahalehoe singled, then after Wong struck out, Hopkins tripled, sending in Kahalehoe and putting himself on third. Barney flied out deep to center, driving in Hopkins easily. Canham grounded out, and the inning was over.

After 3, it's Washington State 3, Oregon State 2.

Fourth Inning

The Cougars didn't do much in the fourth, and either did the Beavers. We're moving on.

Fifth Inning

Paul Gran led off with the second WSU homer of the day, and the Cougars lead was extended to two. After that, the Cougars got a couple baserunners before Mike Stutes struck out the last two guys back to back, the same two guys as in the first inning.

For the Beavers, the only action came when Chris Hopkins reached base on a Fielder's Choice, then Darwin Barney hit a "double" that Chris scored on. The run scored, but Darwin was thrown out at second to end the inning.

After 5, Washington State 4, Oregon State 3.

Sixth Inning

The Cougs manufactured a run in the sixth, but they went down fairly quickly.

The Beavers manufactured a run of their own, much in the same fashion as Washington State. Canham walked, a couple ground outs moved him to third, and he scored on a single by Mike Lissman.

After 6, Washington State 5, Oregon State 4.

Seventh Inning

Nothing doing for either team in the seventh. The Beavers went four up, three down, and all three outs were strikeouts.

Eighth Inning

No damage done either way again. The Beavers thought they saw a sliver of hope for a comeback when Canham walked, bringing the go ahead run to the plate. But Ogata laced one right into the glove of the WSU second baseman, and he doubled up Mitch Canham at first. Lennerton grounded out, and the frustration was flowing at this point.

Ninth Inning

It was 1-2-3 for both teams in the ninth, and the game is over.

Final Score: Washington State 5, Oregon State 4