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Weekend Pitching Stats :: UW Series

We took a look at the batting stats for the three games already, and here are the pitching stats:

I told you that Jorge Reyes had the best performance of the weekend for a Beaver pitcher on the weekend, and his numbers definitely back him up. He went seven full innings, plus a batter in the eighth. He had seven strikeouts, and for that effort, we reward Jorge with the honorary K-meter-thingy:

Jorge got the job done, and the Beaver offense gave him enough offensive production to win game three. That didn't happen in the previous three games, and the scores show it.

Hopefully with the Beavers' return to Goss Stadium, the starters will get back into the grove, and find their comfort zone. I think this is especially true for Mike Stutes, who usually pitches flawlessly at home, but is mediocre on the road.

It will be Mike Stutes on the hill Friday against the Cougars.

Again, analyze as you please.

Go Beavers!