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Sabby Goes 64th to Tampa Bay

It was a good day for Sabby, as he will be a Buccaneer next season, playing where he grew up, on a team that doesn't have much depth at safety.

Sabby went with the last pick in the second round, 64th overall, the seventh safety selected. He was the second Strong Safety selected.

Sabby went 64th in the draft

Sabby was the seventh safety selected

Like I said above, this is good for Sabby because he grew up in Boca Raton, Florida; a two or three hour drive down I-75 away from Tampa Bay. If memory serves me correctly, I believe his mom still lives down there, as I remember her in attendance at just a couple OSU games, wearing her #24 "Mom" jersey. I think that was just a trip to watch her son play, but I could be wrong.

I also feel from studying the Tampa Bay roster and depth chart from last year, Sabby will have a really chance of getting significant playing time this year. We all saw him as a four year standout at Oregon State, hopefully he can do the same thing with the Bucs.

Just as a sidenote; Ducks Jordan Kent, Donte Rosario, and Enoka Lucas have not been drafted yet. That's too bad...

Go Beavers!