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OSU vs. Stanford :: Friday Live Blog

Note: If you came here looking for the new uniforms, that post is here.

Before I get to the live blog, I've got some catching up to do:

Top 1

Center Fielder Chris Hopkins singled to left to start the game for the Beavers, then Canham walked. Barney singled to right, loading the bases. With the bases loaded and no outs, Lissman flied out to the second baseman. On a wild pitch the runners all moved up a base, scoring Hopkins, and putting runners on second and third. Jason Ogata grounded out to the second baseman next, scoring Canham and moving Darwin to third. Jordan Lennerton reached base on a error by the third baseman, scoring Barney from third. A fielder's choice ended the three run inning for the Beavers.

Bottom 1

Mike Stutes got two quick outs to start the game when Ratliff flied out and Gerhart struck out, but right fielder Michael Taylor doubled to left. Joey August singled to center, scoring Taylor. Sorgi singled himself, but it didn't do much good as Juhl, the Stanford catcher flied out to OSU catcher Mitch Canham to end the inning.

Top 2

Lonnie Lechelt struck out to begin the inning, then Joey Wong grounded out to second for two quick outs. Hopkins reached on an error, but then he was caught stealing to end the inning.

Bottom 2

The Cardinal went quick in the second, as Phelps grounded out to second, Castro walked, and then Gaylord grounded into a double play.

Top 3

Mitch Canham singled to second to start things off, then Darwin fled out to right. Lissman singled to right to move Canham to third, then Ogata hit in Canham on a fielder's choice. After that run scored, Jordan Lennerton grounded out to end the inning.

Bottom 3

Again it was 1-2-3 for the Cardinal, as Ratliff singled to right, but then that was erased on a 6-4-3 double play. Taylor grounded out to second to end the inning.

Top 4

Wells and Lechelt struck out looking to start the inning, and then Joey Wong flied out to center to end the inning.

AAaand... We're Live!

Bottom 4

8:17 PM PDT It's 4-1 Oregon State, and Mike Stutes is set to face Joey August, Adam Sorgi, and Brian Juhl.

8:20 PM PDT Joey August flies out to the Chris Hopkins in center to begin the inning. Adam Sorgi singled past the glove of second baseman Joey Wong on a bad hop. Brian Juhl is at the plate.

8:20 PM PDT Juhl flied out to left.

8:26 PM PDT Mike Stutes walked Phelps, and after the walk, Spence comes out to the mound to check with Stutes. Right after that, Castro drilled one to center, scoring Sorgi, and narrowing the Beaver lead to two.

8:30 PM PDT Adam Gaylord doubled down the left field line scoring Phelps from third, and Castro from second. The OSU lead is now gone, and the score is 4-4. Sean Ratliff, Stanford's best hitter, is now at the plate.

8:30 PM PDT Mike Stutes struck Ratliff out to end the inning, and end the three run two out rally.

Top 5

8:35 PM PDT It's Hopkins, Canham, and Barney due up this inning.

8:37 PM PDT Chris Hopkins walked, then Canham got hit in the left butt cheek to put runners on first and second for Darwin Barney.

8:42 PM PDT Darwin Barney laced one up the middle, scoring Hopkins from second. Lissman laid down a sacrifice bunt for the first out, and moved the runners into scoring position for Jason Ogata. Ogata is intentionally walked, and the Cardinal elect to face Jordan Lennerton.

8:41 PM PDT Jordan Lennerton doubled deep off the right field wall, scoring all three runers on base. As I watched on CSTV, I was hoping that the ball would stay in play and not be a ground rule double, and it was close. With Lennerton on second, the Beavers have a 8-4 lead, with Braden Wells coming to the plate. The Cardinal will go to the bullpen now, for RHP Brandt Walker.

8:51 PM PDT Braden Wells struck out swinging on a ball low, but then Lonnie Lechelt check swung but the ball trickled into foul territory with some English on it. Walker's throw to first was off the mark, and Lennerton had a heads up play to score from second. Wells grounded out to the shortstop to end the inning, but not before the Beavers put across five runs.

Thru 5 and a half, it's Oregon State 9, Stanford 4.

Bottom 5

8:54 PM PDT The Beavers are set to face Toby Gerhart, Michael Taylor, and Joey August.

8:56 PM PDT Toby Gerhart flew out to Lissman in left for the first out.

9:00 PM PDT Michael Taylor singled through the left side for the second his second hit of the game. Joey August singled himself, putting runners at first and second with one out.

9:08 PM PDT Stutes gives up his third walk of the game, loading the bases. OSU Pitching Coach Dan Spencer come out to the mound, and the Beavers are going to the bullpen for LHP Blake Keitzman. Keitzman comes into the game with a 4.37 ERA, 14 appearances, and 22.2 innings. Let's see if Blake can get us out of a jam. It's Stanford catcher Brian Juhl at the plate, with Phelps on deck.

9:11 PM PDT Juhl squibbed a single into left center, scoring two runs. With two on, it's Cord Phelps at the plate, trying to get help Stanford out of a three run deficit.

9:14 PM PDT Blake struck Phelps out on a curve ball, and now faces the pinch hitter, Milleville. Blake retired Milleville to end the inning.

Top 6

9:18 PM PDT The top of the order is due up for the Beavers.

9:22 PM PDT Hopkins grounded out to third base, then Canham flied out to the warning track in right field. Darwin comes to the plate for the Beavers.

9:24 PM PDT Darwin Barney goes down swinging to end the inning for the Beavers.

Bottom 6

9:25 PM PDT 9-1-2 is due up for Stanford.

9:32 PM PDT Gaylord drew a lead-off walk. Ratliff flew out on a high fly ball to Darwin Barney in shallow center field territory.

9:34 PM PDT: Lonnie Lechelt went the short way to get Gaylord at second to end the inning.

Thru 6, it's OSU 9, Stanford 6.

Top 7

9:36 PM PDT: Lissman, Ogata, and Lennerton due up for the Beavers.

9:37 PM PDT: Lissman popped up the first pitch, and quickly there is one out, with Jason Ogata coming to the plate.

9:41 PM PDT: Ogata walked, then Lennerton struck out swinging. Ogata swiped second on the play, and there is a runner on second with two down for Scott Santschi.

9:44 PM PDT: Santschi got hit by a curve in the knee, putting two on with two outs for Lonnie Lechelt. This has been a long half inning-- the Stanford defense has got to be tired by now.

9:47 PM PDT: Stanford right fielder Michael Taylor made a great catch on a ball hit by Lonnie Lechelt that was tailing away from him, ending the frame. The Beavers didn't get a run, and left two on.

Heading into the stretch, it's still OSU 9, Stanford 6.

Bottom 7

9:52 PM PDT: The Cardinal send a pinch hitter up to the plate to start the inning, and he walked on a long at bat. Sorgi singled, and the tying run comes to the plate with nobody out.

9:55 PM PDT: Juhl hit a sacrafice fly to left, moving the runners up a base. Ryan Seawell is at third, Sorgi is at first.

9:58 PM PDT: Phelps singled, scoring Seawell form third. The Beaver lead is now two, and the Cardinal are knocking at the door. Pat Casey makes his way out to the mound, and he'll go to Mark Grbavac to face Milleville, who represents to go ahead run.

10:00 PM PDT: Grbavac stuck out Milleville and pinch hitter Domaracki to end the inning coming out of the bullpen, but the Cardinal managed to get one run.

OSU 9, Stanford 7

Top 8

10:05 PM PDT: The Beavers will send Joey Wong, Chris Hopkins, and Mitch Canham to the plate this inning.

10:11 PM PDT: The Cardinal will go the the bullpen for David Stringer. David has a 13.50 ERA in Pac-10 play, but has only thrown six innings.

10:13 PM PDT: Joey Wong walks after seeing two balls from Brandt Walker, then two from David Stringer. This brings up the top of the order for the Beavers.

10:15 PM PDT: Chris Hopkins was thrown out at first on a sac bunt, and moved Wong down to second.

10:17 PM PDT: Canham grounded into a unassisted groundout to the first baseman, moving Wong down to third. With two outs, Darwin Barney will come to the plate, and will try to get Wong across the plate however he can.

10:20 PM PDT: Barney singled into right, scoring Wong from third, and giving the Beavers a three run advantage, 10-7. Lissman comes to the plate.

10:20 PM PDT: Lissman walked, and then Koa Kahalehoe will come in to pinch run.

10:27 PM PDT: Ogata is retired 6-3, and we're headed to the Bottom of the 8th.

Bottom 8

10:28 PM PDT: Sean Ratliff, Toby Gerhart, and Michael Taylor (all three Stanford outfielders) are due up to face the Beavers.

10:32 PM PDT: Grbavac struck out Sean Ratliff to begin the inning, Mark's third consecutive strike out. Stanford left fielder Toby Gerhart laced a single to Chris Hopkins in center, putting runners on first with one down. Michael Taylor takes Grbavac deep, but the ballpark will contain it and Chris Hopkins makes the play for the second out.

10:36 PM PDT: Seawell comes up to the plate next, and he takes Grbavac for a base hit. The Beavers will go to the bullpen, this time for closer Eddie Kunz. He has 7 saves on the season, looking for number 8.

10:41 PM PDT: The Beavers got the third out of the inning when Seawell interfered with Joey Wong's throw, ending the inning. We're going into the top of the 9th, and this game has lasted a freaking long time.

Top 9

10:42 PM PDT: Tom Stilson will take over on the hill for Stanford, due to face Lennerton, Santschi, and Lechelt.

10:48 PM PDT: Jordan Lennerton grounded out to second base to begin the inning, then Santschi walked. Lonnie Lechelt comes to the plate looking for his first hit of the game.

10:50 PM PDT: Lechelt struck out, so he will likely end his day 0-for-5. Joey Wong comes to the plate with two down.

10:53 PM PDT: Wong walked, bringing up Chris Hopkins. Two outs, runners on first and second. I'm ready for bed.

10:57 PM PDT: Hopkins walks, loading the bases. The Cardinal will make a pitching change. I'm really ready for bed now. If I start typign accezzive tyops, you know why. If these updates suddenly stop before the game ends, just assume that I feel asleep on top of my keyboard.

10:59 PM PDT: Canham comes to the plate, bases loaded. Somehow, I'm suddenly wide awake and on the edge of my seat. BTW, the pitcher's name is Hancock.

11:01 PM PDT: What do you know, Canham rips the second bases clearing double of the night into right flield. 13-7 Beavers. Now I'm tired again.

11:01 PM PDT: Not sure how Barney got out, but he did. My eyes are periodically blinking slower.

Top 9

11:07 PM PDT: It's 13-7 Beavers, and Eddie Kunz is set to face Juhl, Phelps, and Castro. Please get this over quick, Eddie. I'm exhausted.

11:08 PM PDT: Boom! Foul tip caught by Canham. One down!

11:09 PM PDT: Phelps grounds out to Wong at second. One more to go!

11:10 PM PDT: Castro grounds out to short, and the game is finally over.

Four hours and four minutes! Wow. Final Score, Oregon State 13, Stanford 7. Wrapup coming tomorrow morning, I'm off to get some sleep. The Beavers are now .500 in Pac-10 play, and look to win the series against Stanford tomorrow.

Go Beavers!

Note: Live game updates are composed using Live Stats on OSU and the radio broadcast of the game, called by Mike Parker on AM 1360, if you're listening in the Portland area.