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Weekly Countdown to Football :: 18 Weeks

Following suit of Peter over at BON, I've decided to install my own Countdown to College Football. Here at BTD, we'll be doing it on a weekly basis until the season nears, then we will be doing it more frequently.

Starting off, with the first reason:

Brian Knopf/ OSU Athetics

Mike Riley.

Mike signed a contract extension yesterday, ensuring that he will be in Corvallis through the 2012 season. He's guaranteed to make $850,000 in the first year of his contract, but that would raise to $1.1 million over the remaining years on his contract. There are also a lot of bonuses that Mike could earn, giving him a nice boost to his paycheck, with a maximum salary of $1.245 million the first year.

I don't know about you, but I'm happy to have Mike here for at least five more years. I know a lot of people were on his back last year and wanted him fired, (Like them...) but he really pulled the year around, and finished with one of the best seasons ever at Oregon State.

Feel free to discuss in the comment thread below.

Go Beavers!

And remember.... 18 more weeks...