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Pac-10 Standings

Team Conf. Overall
  W L W L
UCLA 8 1 22 16
Arizona State 10 2 32 10
Arizona 9 3 31 9
Washington 6 6 20 18
Oregon State 4 5 31 8
California 5 7 21 20
USC 4 8 21 20
Wash. State 3 9 19 18
Stanford 2 10 16 20

The Beavers didn't really move up or down in the Pac-10 standings this weekend due to a non-conference series, but they have to be more happy about where they are sitting this week, versus where they were positioned last week.

Three of the four teams ranked higher than the Beavers, they have yet to play. OSU is looking for some (somewhat) easy wins in Palo Alto this weekend, then going up to Seattle to play the Huskies. Wins in these series' would move the Beavers passed Washington for sure, and possibly even further depending on what the top 3 teams do this weekend and next. After that, the Beavers have Arizona State and UCLA. I've said it before and I'm going to say it again-- the Beavers control their own destiny here.

If the Beavers could win or sweep all of their five remaining series', they could quickly get to the top. All the rest of the Pac-10 has to do is keep beating up Arizona, and the Beavs should be fine.

Go Beavers!