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OSU 10, Portland 1

The Beavers unleashed their bats in the seventh, scoring eight runs that lead to a 10-1 victory over the Pilots in non-conference play. The Beavers scored two runs in the first inning to get the game started, when Darwin Barney batted in Jason Ogata on a single. Another run scored when Lissman scored from third on a wild pitch. The Beavers would not get the bats going again until the top of the seventh, when a double, a single, and an intentional walk to Lissman loaded the bases. Darwin Barney singled, scoring Ogata, and keeping the bases loaded. Then, Jordan Lennerton doubled, scoring Canham easily from third, and then Lissman, and finally Darwin Barney, who was drafting off Lissman all the way from third to the plate. Listen to the finish below:

Mike Parker has the call, originally heard on 1360.

The Beavers would get three more runs in the inning, two off of an Ogata single, and one off a sacrifice groundnut by Drew George.

The Pilots scored their lone run in the second, when they drew a couple walks with two outs, got their guys in scoring position, and drove one in.

Daniel Turpen pitched five innings, allowing one run off of four hits. Greg Keim went two thirds and only faced two batters. Anton Maxwell went 2 1/3, and Alex Sogard pitched in the bottom of the ninth. The Beavers head down to Palo Alto for a series this weekend. The Beavers take a 4-5 Pac-10 record down to play the Cardinal, as well as a 32-8 overall record. The last time these two played was in last year's Super Regional, the Beavers won 15-0 on their way to a NCAA Championship.

Friday's game begins at 7:00.

Go Beavers!