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Breaking News :: Lissman Charged with Theft

From the Argus Observer in Ontario:

VALE - An Oregon State University baseball player and his mother, an Ontario restaurant operator, were charged with theft crimes in a case involving more than $30,000 that police allege was stolen from an 85-year-old family member.

Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris charged OSU ball player Michael James Lissman, 21, Corvallis, Friday with four counts of second degree theft, misdemeanors, in connection to swiping $200 or more from his elderly family member between August and October 2006.

Lissman's mother and owner of Sansei Cafe in Ontario, Margie Yasuda, 53, pleaded guilty to first degree aggravated theft April 10 for taking $10,000 or more from an 85-year-old family member between July 2006 and February 2007.

The alleged thefts were apparently exposed through another family member and the victim's bank, Wells Fargo, which notified authorities about suspicious, sizable transactions occurring on the victim's bank account, according to the Ontario Police Department report.

It's not clear to me how this will affect Mike's playing time at OSU, but this is not good at all for our program.

I hate to see this happen to Mike, especially a week after such a good article was written about him.

More on this tomorrow, I'm sure...