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OSU vs. UNLV :: Sunday Game 2 Live Blog (OSU 7, UNLV 0)

Scroll down to see the recap for the second game of OSU and UNLV's double header.

I've got a few innings to catch up, but the if all goes well I'll be able to live blog the second half of the game.

Top 1:

Jorge Reyes set the Rebels down in order, as he struck out Beamon, got Gailen to ground out, and then Smith fouled to the first to end the inning.

Bottom 1:

Chris Hopkins walked, then was caught stealing for the first out. Ogata grounded out to third, and Barney struck out to end the inning.

Top 2:

Again, Reyes set the Rebels down in order, this time it was Navarro, Bonnell, and Kowalski.

Bottom 2:

Lissman singled up the middle, and advanced to second on a walk. Solomon struck out swinging, and then Lennerton grounded out to second. Lechelt flied out to left to end the inning.

Top 3:

For the third straight inning, the Rebels went 1, 2, 3: Bowman, Brenly, Walker.

Bottom 4:

Jason Wells grounded out to third, Ammon walked, then Hopkins bunted him to second. Ogata struck out swinging to end the inning and leave Ammon stranded out second.

Top 4:

Beamon fled out to short, then Gailen fled out to right for two quick outs. Smith sinlged up the middle, and Navarro singled to second, keeping to two out rally alive. Bonnel ended it however, on a grounder to short.

Bottom 4:

Darwin Barney doubled down the right field line then Lissman singled up the middle, scoring Darwin from second. Solomon grounded into a double play for the first and second outs of the inning, and after Lennerton singled up the middle, Lechelt struck out.

Top 5:

Again, another 1,2,3 inning for the Beavers, this time with a flyout for Kowalski, a groundout for Bowman, and a backwards K for Brenly.

AAaand, We're Live!

Bottom 5:

3:38 PM PDT: Wells singled through the left side, then Ammon bunted him over to second for the first out. Center fielder Chris Hopkins lined out to second base for the second out. Jason Ogata at the plate.

3:42 PM PDT: Ogata walked on a full count pitch that UNLV pitcher Kevin Skogley thought was strike three. With Wells at second and Ogata at first, Darwin Barney is at the plate.

3:44 PM PDT: Darwin Barney singled on a fly ball to right field that was in the glove of Calvin Beamon for a moment, but then must of came out when he hit the ground. Darwin gets his team-leading 18th 2 out RBI as Wells scores from second. Ogata at third, Barney at second, two outs, and Lissman at the plate. Marc Baca now warming up in the Bullpen for the Rebels.

3:48 PM PDT: Lissman walks on a 3-2 pitch, loading the bases. The Rebels will go to the bullpen for righthander Marc Baca. Again... Bases loaded, two down.

3:51 PM PDT: The Beavers send their best hitter, Mitch Canham to the plate with two outs, pinch hitting for fellow catcher Dale Solomon. The bases are loaded, and it's Mitch's chance for his second grand slam of the day.

3:52 PM PDT What did I tell you, Mitch Canham goes yard again for his second grand slam of the day, one in each game of the double header. He started the day with 37 RBI's on the season, but now has 45. It's now Oregon State 6, UNLV 0. Jordan Lennerton grounded out to end the inning, but not before scoring five runs.

Top 6:

3:57 PM PDT: UNLV SS Braden Walker flied out to center for the first out. Beamon and Gailen flied out to left for the second and third outs of the inning.

Bottom 6:

4:02 PM PDT: Rain is threatening in Corvallis, but the umpires decide that it's not necessary to pull the tarps on. Lonnie Lechelt flied out to right for the first out, then Wells reached base on a fielding error by Willie Bowman. Ammon flied out to right for out two, then Chris Hopkins flied out to second. The rain is starting to subside now.

Top 7:

4:08 PM PDT: Marc Grbavac will come into pitch in relief of Jorge Reyes. He will face Smith, Navarro Jr., and Bonnell.

4:11 PM PDT: Keith Smith up to bat. He walks on a 3-1 count. Navarro Jr. up to bat.

4:15 PM PDT: Marc Grbavac gets back to back walks, and puts Keith Smith at first, and Efren Navarro Jr. at second. Chris Bonnell Jr., the DH, is up to bat, and Ryan Kowalski is on deck.

4:17 PM PDT: Grbavac forces Bonnel Jr. to hit a weak ground ball up the middle, Darwin takes it to the bag and flips it to first for a double play. Keith Smith takes third on the play. Kowalski at the plate.

4:18 PM PDT: After back to back walks to start the inning, Marc Grbavac escapes the inning with a strikeout by Ryan Kowalski. No damage done on the inning, it's still Oregon State 6, UNLV 0.

Top 7:

4:22 PM PDT: UNLV pitcher Adam Moser forces Ogata to pop up to right. Darwin Barney walks, and now Mike Lissman is at the plate.

4:25 PM PDT: Darwin Barney steals second. The count is 1-2 for Mike Lissman.

4:27 PM PDT: Mike Lissman grounded out to short, advancing Barney to third. This brings up Catcher Mitch Canham, the man who has already hit two grand slams today. Barney is currently at third, and he looks to get his 13th RBI of the series.

4:28 PM PDT: Canham flies out to third base in foul territory, retiring the side in the seventh.

Top 8:

4:30 PM PDT: Kahalehoe will go to left, and Wong will go to right as Grbavac is due to see Willie Mowman, Michael Brenly, and Braden Walker.

4:32 PM PDT Darwin Barney throws out Bowman on a softly hit ground ball. Grbavac also gets Michael Brenly to ground out to third, as well as Braden Walker, also grounding out to third.

Bottom 8:

4:36 PM PDT Jordan Lennerton reaches first on a single, and Lonnie Lechelt moves him to third on a double down the right field line. With runners on second and third, John Wallace will pinch hit for the Braden Wells.

4:39 PM PDT John Wallace walks, and red shirt freshman Brett Casey will come on to pinch hit for the Beavers with the bases loaded. The Rebels will go to the bullpen once again, this time for Koji Pupo. So far, Moser has allowed no runs on two hits, walked two, struck out none, and faced seven. It's up to Pupo to see what Moser's line will look like at the end of the day, as the bases are loaded with nobody out.

4:43 PM PDT Casey will not hit, as the Beavers elect to go with Scotty Berke instead. A pick off attempt by Pupo is thrown away, and Lennerton will score. Berke grounds out to third, and the Beavers now have runners at second and third. Chris Hopkins at the plate.

4:46 PM PDT Chris Hopkins grounds out to the shortstop, and Ryan Ortiz will now pinch hit for the Beavers. Ortiz is 0-3 on the season, and comes to the plate with two outs.

4:47 PM PST Ryan Ortiz hit one to right center, but Kowalski is there to make the catch, and the side is retired. Heading into the 9th inning, it's Oregon State 7, UNLV 0

Top 9:

4:49 PM PST Eddie Kunz will come on to pitch for the Beaversm and they have defensive changes all around. Lennerton is at first, Lechelt is at second, Barney at third, and George at third. Wallace is in left, Hopkins in center, and Kahalehoe in right. Eddie Kunz and Ryan Ortiz make up the battery for the Beavers. Ryan Ortiz, the third string catcher, is now behind the plate.

4:51 PM PST Eddie Kunz strikes out Calvin Beamon, and Blake Gailen grounded out to short. Keith Smith comes to the plate, representing the last chance for the Rebels.

4:53 PM PST Keith Smith doubles off the wall in left, almost a homer. Efren Navarro Jr. comes to the plate, with a runner on second, trying to spoil the Beavers' bid for a shutout.

4:55 PM PST After Kunz takes the count to 0-2, Navarro Jr. forces a walk, putting runners on first and second with two outs.

4:59 PM PST Bonnell also walks, loading the bases. Ryan Kowalski at the plate, and the count is 0-2.

5:01 PM PST Eddie forces Kowalski to ground out to second, and the ballgame is over. It took a little more work than first expected from Kunz, but the Beavers get the shutout none the less.

Recap of both of today's games coming tonight...

Go Beavers!