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OSU vs. UNLV :: Beavers win Friday Game, 3-1

Mike Stutes dominated for eight innings, and the Beaver bats had just enough pop to get by UNLV by the score of 3-1.

Mitch Canham helped the cause with a two run blast in the first inning, and then the Beavers drove one more home in the fifth inning, giving them their three runs for the day. UNLV also scored one in the fifth off of a triple by Chad Miller.

In eight innings of work, Mike Stutes only allowed one run off two hits, walked three, and struck out twelve. Eddie Kunz sealed the deal with the save, allowing one hit in one inning, with two strikeouts, brining the Beaver strikeout total on the day to 14.

For more on the game, scroll down or click here for the inning by inning recap. The Beavers and Rebels play again tomorrow at 1:00. We're likely to see Matt Hutchison for UNLV, and Joe Patterson for the Beavers.

Go Beavers!