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Five Players Announce They're Leaving Oregon State

Five players-- including Wesley Washington and Sasa Cuic, who were starters for most of the season-- announced that they're leaving the Beavers.

Sasa Cuic has decided to start a professional career, juniors Angelo Tsagarakis and Liam Hughes will graduate and then transfer to play their final years at another school, junior Wesley Washington did not meet eligibility standards and did not enroll for spring quarter, and freshman Vojin Svilar has elected to return to his native Serbia.

Sorry to see these guys leave, but some of these departures were due. Cuic just wasn't in place with the Beavers, and hopefully he will fit in someplace else. Washington is the biggest surprise, but he did have a frustrating season that included some injuries. Tsagarakis has a lot of talent shooting the three ball, and we just didn't get him involved enough. I can see him as a star player at a smaller college, and hopefully he finds somewhere that will cater to his talents. Vojin Svilar and Liam Hughes didn't really get much time on the floor this season, so I can understand their departures.

We'll try to focus a bit more on the outlook for our basketball team in the coming months, and we'll start by taking a look at our signees sometime next week or the week after.