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Open Thread :: at Arizona, Game 3 (L, 17-14)

It's the last chance for the Beavers to pull off a victory in the desert.

Oregon State at Arizona
Game 3 :: Sunday,  April 1, 12:00
#2 Oregon State   #25 Arizona
(23-5)   (24-6)
Daniel Turpen (6-0)   David Coulon (2-1)

Inning by Inning Updates:

Top 1

The Beavers didn't waste any time in the top of the first inning after Arizona was able to defeat the Beavers twice. Chris Hopkins singled up the middle to get thigs started, and then Canham grounded out to second, advancing Chris to second. He then stole third, and Barney drove him in with a single to left field. Lissman grounded into a 5-4-3 ending the inning, but not before the Beavers put one up on the board.

We're just getting started, and it's Oregon State 1, Arizona 0

Bottom 1

Not to be outdone, Arizona countered in the bottom of the first. Fon lead off with a single, Sedbrook singled through the right side, moving Fon to third, and then Fon scored on a throwing error by Daniel Turpen, tying the game. Sedbrook advanced to second on the error, and scored when CJ Ziegler doubled down the left field line. Rhinehart grounded out to first, advancing Ziegler to third. He, too, would score when third baseman Brad Glenn singled to the pitcher, putting himself on first and driving in a run for an early two run lead. Glenn attempted to steal second but was thrown out by Canham for the second out. Steele struck out to end a three run first inning for the Wildcats.

After 1, both teams are on the board, and it's Arizona 3, Oregon State 1.

Top 2

Jason Ogata led off with a ground-out right back to the pitcher for a quick out. Dale Solomon walked, and then Braden Wells singled to left, moving Solomon to second. Wells was then picked off at first by David Coulon for the second out. After Drew George walked to put a runner back at first base, Lonnie Lechelt grounded out to first base, unassisted.

Arizona 3, Oregon State 1

Bottom 2

Gaston walked, and then Childs reached on a fielder's choice. Gaston was thrown out at second in the process. Robert Abel grounded into a double play to end the inning, no harm done.

Arizona 3, Oregon State 1

Top 3

Things looked promising when Chris Hopkins singled to right field to start the inning and then Canham singled to center, but then Darwin Barney grounded into a double play, 5-3. Canham advanced to second, but the Wildcats got the lead runner out at third. Lissman struck out to end the inning.

Arizona 3, Oregon State 1

Bottom 3

Diallo Fon led off the inning with a line out to left field. Colt Sedbrook singled down the left field line, followed by Ziegler who did the exact same thing but went the other direction. Rhinehart walked to load the bases, and then Turpen hit Brad Glenn, sending Sedbrook home for free. Center fielder TJ Steele singled through the right side of the infield, scoring two runs, and putting the Wildcats up 6-1.

At this point, OSU went to the bullpen, calling on Blake Keitzman. The first batter he faced he hit, loading the bases. Blake got Dwight Childs to hit a ground ball to third, and Drew George threw Glenn out at the plate. Robert Abel singled to the shortstop, scoring TJ Steele from third. Fon hit a grounder to second that Leichelt tossed over to Darwin Barney on second to get the out, and end a four run inning.

Arizona 7, Oregon State 1

Top 4

Ogata and Solomon had back to back walks to lead off the inning, and then Wells reached on a fielder's choice that resulted in Solomon being thrown out at second base. With runners on the corners Drew George walked, loading the bases. The Wildcats went to the bullpen themselves, electing to go with Perry in place of Coulon.

Scott Santchi was put in to pinch hit for Lonnie Lechelt, so we're likely going to see Joey Wong at second base next inning. Santschi walked, sending in Ogata from third. Chris Hopkins filed out to right, and Wells scored tagging up. Canham flied out to center, ending the inning.

Arizona 7, Oregon State 3

Bottom 4

Joey Wong is now at second base replacing Lonnie Lechelt, and Scott Santschi will go to right field. Sedbrook singled to get things started for the Wildcats, then Ziegler doubled down the right field line. On a wild pitch, Sedbrook scored from third and Ziegler moved from second to third. Rhinehart walked, and then Glenn singled up the middle scoring Ziegler and moving Rhinehart to third. Steele popped up a sacrafice fly to center, scoring Rhinehart. Gaston was hit by a pitch, then he and Brad Glenn pulled off a double steel, moving them to second and third. Childs was hit as well, loading the bases. Oregon State went to Eddie Kunz at this point in replace of Keitzman. Eddie got Abel to tround out to the second baseman, but Brad Glenn was able to score from third. Diallo Fon walkded, and Sedbrook, the batter that started off the inning, struck out to end it.

After four excruciating innings, it's Arizona 11, Oregon State 3

Top 5

Darwin walked to start the inning, then Lissman singled. An Ogata double scored Barney from second, and moved Lissman to third. Lennerton came up to the plate to pinch hit for Dale Solomon, and he hit a sacrafice fly to left, scoring Lissman from third, and bringing the game within six runs. Joey Wong grounded out to short, but picked up an RBI when Ogata scored. Drew George struck out to end the inning, but not before the Beavers scored three runs.

The comeback has begun... it's Arizona 11, Oregon State 6

Bottom 5

Just when I thought that Oregon State might make a run at Arizona, the Wildcats put up two more runs. Ziegler singled to right center, then advanced to second on a wild pitch. Rhinehart walked, then Glenn doubled down the left field line, scoring two runs. After this point, the Wildcats went 1-2-3 to end the inning.

Arizona 13, Oregon State 6

Top 6

Santschi grounded out to first to begin the inning. Hopkins got things started with a single down the left field line, Canham sent one up the middle. Then, Darwin Barney singled up the middle, scoring Hopkins from second. Lissman singled to right, loading the bases, and then back to back strikeouts ended the inning for the Beavers.

Another blown opportunity; Bases loaded with one out, and we can't get any runs.

Arizona 13, Oregon State 7

Bottom 6

Robert Abel was hit by a pitch to start the sixth for Arizona, then he stole second. Diallo Fon walked, then advanced to third on a throwing error, and Abel scored. Sedbrook struck out, then the Beavers brought in Mark Grbavac to putch for Eddie Kunz. CJ Ziegler flied out to center on a sacrafice fly, and Fon scored from third. Rhinehart flied out to center to end the inning.

Arizona 15, Oregon State 7

Top 7

The Beavers go 1-2-3: Wong grounds out to short, George grounds out to third, and Santschi struck out looking. Not looking good, folks.

Arizona 15, Oregon State 7

Bottom 7

Brad Glenn was hit to start the inning, then Steele flied out to first. Gaston doubled down the right field line, advancing Glenn to third. Glenn scored on a fielding error by right fielder Koa Kahalehoe. Childs grounded out to third, and Abel flied out to left to end the inning.

Heading into the 8th, it's Arizona 16, Oregon State 7

Top 8

Hopkins walked, then Canham flied out to center field. Barney doubled to right field, scoring Hopkins all the way from first. Back to back flies to right field by Lissman and Ogata ended the inning.

Not looking good at all... Arizona 16, Oregon State 8

Bottom 8

Fon singled to right field, then Sedbrook grounded out to the pitcher, advancing Fon to second. Ziegler singled throught the left side, advancing Fon to third. Fon scored on a sacrafice fly by Rhinehart, and then Brad Glenn ended the inning on a pop fly to right field.

Arizona 17, Oregon State 8

Do the math... the Beavers need nine runs to tie, ten go to ahead. Can they do it? We'll fine out.....

Top 9

Scotty Berke doubled down the left field line to get things started. Joey Wong flied out to left, which is a little earlier than I would have liked to get the first out. Drew George then got to first on a fielding error by the shortstop, and Wallace singled to left, bringing in Berke. The Wildcats went to their bullpen for Burns.

Hopkins walked, then Ammon singled to right field for an RBI. Barney reached on a fielder's choice, and Ammon was thrown out by the shortstop at second. Lissman doubled down the left field line, scoring two, and then Ogata singled through the left side, moving Lissman to third. Berke got on base on an errir, and Wong singled, loading the bases for Drew George with two outs.

Drew struck out to end the game.

Final: Arizona 17, Oregon State 14

More later.

Go Beavers!