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How much more of this will you be able to put up with?

It's quotes like this by Jay John that bug me:

"I'm greatly disappointed with how this season has turned out, but in terms of what I feel is there for us, I'm thrilled. It's the best group of guys team-wise with what we have, and with what's coming in, than we've ever had."


Don't we say that at the end of every year? That next year everything will be different? If that is true, if this is the best group of guys coming in that we've ever had, then that's fine. Back it up on the court.

When will we get a team with the attitude and swagger to keep games close? To fight until the win? To battle with Pac-10 competition into double overtime and have to make clutch shots and free throws to win games?

What frustrates me is that we keep getting signs of life from the coaching staff, but it never turns into reality. Maybe next year will be a great year. Maybe the addition of C.J. Giles will unite this team and turn it around. Maybe next year the "Pac-10 Doormat" cheers will start to diminish.

Just maybe.

Anyone else with me on this?