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Open Thread :: at Arizona, Game 1 (L, 5-4)

Oregon State vs. Arizona

Game 1 :: March 30, 2007, 7:00

Jerry Kindall Field at Frank Sancet Stadium

#2 Oregon State (23-3)   #25 Arizona (21-6)

Probable Starters:


Mike Stutes   Preston Guilmet
6-0 Record, 2.17 ERA   5-0 Record, 1.70 ERA

Inning by Inning Updates:

Top 1:

Chris Hopkins got the game off to a good start with a triple to left center, and then Darwin Barney grounded out to third for the first out. Catcher Mitch Canham homered to right field for 2 RBI's. Lissman flied out to center for out numner two. Drew George hit a single, then Ogata struck out to end the inning.

After half an inning, it's Oregon State 2, Arizona 0.

Bottom 1:

Mike Stutes struck out Arizona's leadoff batter, Diallo Fan, before walking second baseman Colt Sedbrook. The #3 hitter, 1st baseman CJ Ziegler struck out looking for out #2. The DH Bill Rhinehart singled to right field, and Sedbrook was able to advance from first to third. 3rd baseman Brad Glenn singled to left center, driving in Sedbrook from 3rd for Arizona's first run. Steele grounded out to first base to end the inning.

After 1 full inning, it's Oregon State 2, Arizona 1.

Top 2:

Preston Guilmet made quick work of the Beavers in the second, sending Lennerton, Santschi, and Wong down in order. He struck out Lennerton and Wong, and Santschi flied out to center.

Oregon State 2, Arizona 1.

Bottom 2

The Wildcats also went 1-2-3. Jon Gaston flied out, Dwight Childs grounded to short, and Robert Abel grounded out to third.

Oregon State 2, Arizona 1

Top 3

Despite a lead-off walk by Hopkins, the Beavers again went quietly in the third. Darwin Barney grounded into a double play, and Mitch Canham struck out.

Oregon State 2, Arizona 1

Bottom 3

Diallo Fan led off with a ground out to second, and Sedbrook singled up the middle to center field. Colt Sedbrook advanced to second on a wild pitch by Mike Stutes. The next batter, 1st baseman CJ Ziegler, was ruled as hit by a pitch on a questionable call that had Pat Casey out of the dugout. Rhinehart hit a sharp double play ball to Darwin at second, but Joey Wong's throw from second to first was off the mark, putting runners on the corners with two down. Arizona ran a delayed steal with Rhinehart at second. Canham's throw to second was returned by Joey Wong for a close play at the plate, but the Beavers got the out to retire the side, no harm done.

After 3, it's Oregon State 2, Arizona 1

Top 4

Again, the Beavers go 1-2-3. Mike Lissman fouled out to third, Drew George flied out to left, and Ogata fouled out to first.

After 3 1/2, it's still Oregon State 2, Arizona 1

Bottom 4

Stutes got two quick outs to start the inning when Brad Glenn flied out to first, and Steele grounded out to short. Then, seven hitter Jon Gaston doubled to center, and Dwight Childs walked on a long at bat. Robert Abel struck out to end the inning.

The thing that worries me right now is that Stutes is getting high in his pitch count. I can only imagine that it's somewhere in the 70-80 range right now. I know that the bullpen can handle pitching extended innings, but I would like to see Stutes go farther.

After 4, it's stilllll Oregon State 2, Arizona 1.

Top 5

Jordan Lennerton led off with a ground-out to second base. Scott Santschi then singled to right field. Joey Wong singled down the line to third, and Scott advanced from first to second. Chris Hopkins hit a ball to the Arizona shortstop Robert Abel, who made the throw to second for the second out of the inning. Second baseman Colt Sedbrook's relay from first to second was not in time, and Hopkins got to first safely. Darwin Barney singled up the middle, driving in Scott Santschi from third. With this hit, Darwin moved to 10th on the all-time Oregon State hit list with #185. Canham then struck out to end the inning.

And now, After 4 1/2, it's Oregon State 3, Arizona 1.

Bottom 5

Diallo Fan led off with a fly out to right, and Sedbrook lined out to center to get two quick outs, the fourth time this game that Arizona's first two batters have gone down in succession. Ziegler walked, Rhinehart singled to right, and Glenn tripled to center bringing in Rhinehart and Siegler to tie the game at 3-3. With a runner on third, Steele walked, then stole second. Stutes intentionally walked seven hitter Jon Gaston, and then was taken out of the game. Freshman righthander Jorge Reyes came on in relief, and gave up a two out single to Dwight Childs, which scored another two runs. Robert Abel lined out to second to end the four run inning.

After 5, it's Arizona 5, Oregon State 3.

Top 6

Down by 2, the Beavers go down in order once again, 1-2-3. Lissman grounded out to short, George grounded out to first, and Ogata struck out.

Arizona 5, Oregon State 3

Bottom 6

Fon struck out looking, Sedbrrok grounded out to short, and after Ziegler snuck a base hit under the glove of Darwin Barney, Rhinehart flied out to center.

Oregon State needed that quick inning defensively- now let's see what they can do at the plate.

Arizona 5, Oregon State 3

Top 7

Arizona pitcher Preston Guilmet struck out Jordan Lennerton with a slider in the dirt to open the seventh. Scott Santschi walked, then stole second. Wong grounded out to short, advancing Santschi to third, and then Chris Hopkins grounded out to short to end the inning.

It's time to stretch, with Arizona 5, Oregon State 3

Bottom 7

Glenn reached on an error by Darwin Barney. Steele laid down a bunt and pitcher Jorge Reyes threw Steele out at first, but Glenn advanced to second. Gaston walked, and Glenn advanced to third on a wild pitch by Reyes. Gaston stole second to put runners on 2nd and 3rd, but Abel grounded out to short to end the inning.

After 7, it's Arizona 5, Oregon State 3.

Top 8

After some defensive changes for the Wildcats, Barney reached second base on a fly ball dropped by the right fielder. Canham singled to right field, advancing Darwin Barney to third. Lissman got on base and Darwin Barney was able to score on a fielding error by the shortstop. Barney's run puts the Beavers only down by one run with a runner on first and second. Drew George failed to get a bunt down, and popped it up to the third baseman. John Wallace was put in to pitch hit for Jason Ogata at DH, and he struck out. Coach Casey had the double steal on, and Mitch Canham was caught stealing on a strike em' out, throw em' out double play to end the inning.

The Beavers got one run back, but had the go-ahead run on first base for much of the inning. They did get the run with the help of two Arizona errors.

Heading in to the bottom of the eighth, it's Arizona 5, Oregon State 4

Bottom 8

Jorge Reyes struck out the side in order to make quick work of the Wildcats in the eighth: Fan- Sedbrook- Ziegler.

With only one inning left, it's Arizona 5, Oregon State 4. Lets get those DeMarini's going.

Top 9

Oregon State goes down 1-2-3 in the ninth to end the game. Lennerton grounded out to second, Santschi struck out, as did Joey Wong.

Wrap Up

Tough way to lose the first conference game after all the hype, but all the Beavers can do is bounce back and win the next two games and still win the series.

The Beavers scored 4 runs on 7 hits with 1 error. The Wildcats scored 5 runs on 8 hits with 2 errors, both coming in the top of the eighth.

Mike Stutes gets the loss, and falls to 6-1 on the season. Preston Guilmet will go to 6-0 for the Wildcats.

The Beavers are now 23-4 overall, and 0-1 in Conference play. Their winning streak was snapped at 12 games.

I'll get a Post-Game post up either tonight or tomorrow morning. Until then,

Go Beavers!