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"Still Ball'n 2007"

The O State Ballaz are back with their 2007 version of the Oregon State Baseball Rap song. They go by Mitchy Slick, Young Slim, and Pain; but you probably know them as Mitch Canham, Kenneth Gallagher, and Ryan MacBriar.

In any event, you can listen to "Still Ball'n 2007" below, or check out their site at While you're there, check out last years' version as well.

If you are interested in saving the files or putting them onto your MP3 player, you can do that too. What I did is right click on the desired file and click "Save Link As". Save the file in a familiar folder, and them import that into iTunes or whatever other program you use. Then, just upload to your iPod. Wa-la. You can have a little taste of the O State Ballaz wherever you go. Here we go:

Go Beavers!