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BTD's Favorite Commercials of XLI

Another year, another Super Bowl, and another set of Super Bowl Commercials. We didn't want to let this prestigious event pass without a mention from Building the Dam, so we decided to share our favorite Super Bowl Commercials of XLI.

Before we get started, I would just like to send a word of congratulations out to the Indianapolis Colts as well as the Chicago Bears for making it all the way to the Super Bowl. We would also like to congratulate Bears' practice squad player Mike Hass for putting in all the hard work in practice to propel the Bears deep into the playoffs. They couldn't of done it without you, Mike. I just thought you should get some credit. Hopefully next year you will make the roster.

Now, on with the commercials. I have narrowed it down from the 50 or so commercials all the way down to a top ten, as well as three honorable mentions. Without further ado, let's get it started.

Honorable Mentions:

"Autograph" :: Foot Locker

Foot Locker produces one of the best shoe commercials I can remember. Nothing better than comedy through public humiliation.

Connectile Dysfunction :: Sprint

I'm still laughing about the "Connectile Dysfunction" thing. Sprint pretty much nailed it: Soft music in the background, calm atmosphere, and cheezy smiles throughout.

Spot Wink :: Budweiser

Perhaps a little too cute for a Super Bowl audience? This was just one of many Budweiser commercials, and maybe when you can air so many hilarious commercials, you have to throw in a few cute ones for the wives.

Now, we move on to to Top 10 Super Bowl XLI Commercials.

"Moon Office" :: FedEx

Hilarious. The man slurping his coffee out of the air. A dog floating through the office? The guy being yanked by his tie. "Bill" gets a nice pat on the back and then gets rocked by a meteor. Very satisfying. Just what America needs during the Super Bowl.

"Comb Over" :: Sierra Mist

Another classic. "It's the beard come over, isn't it." "Yes, it makes me question your decision making skills." Another showcase of humor by public humiliation. You gotta feel sorry for the guy with the beard. Do they make wigs like that? I can totally see those things being like totally hip in the 2020's.

Rock Paper Scissors :: Bud Light

Budweiser fails to disappoint with another great commercial that takes elementary playground fun to the next level. Recess duty teachers across America will have their hands full with Rock-Paper-Scissors related injuries today. I wonder how those guys actually decided which guy got had to get nailed. Any resemblance to WWF wrestling?

Not What it Seems :: FedEX

Another corny but effective FedEx commercial. FedEX attempts to advertise their "Ground" shipping. But wait a minute, isn't ground the least expensive? Either way, this commercial still teaches a very important life skill to the kids: Don't judge things by their name. Isn't that right Harry?

"Class Mencia" :: Bud Light

The Budweiser Saga continues with a lesson on how to order (and protect) your Bud Light in different regions. Gotta say they're poking around at a touchy subject, though. Still got a good chuckle out of me.

"Live the Flavor" :: Doritos

Cheesy, Crunchy, Bold, and Smooth; this commercial adds new meaning to it all. Somewhat amateurishly looking, but we're seeing a constant theme throughout these Super Bowl ads. Most of them are teaching a life lesson. Here, we are told to always keep your eyes on the road.

"But he has a Bud Light" :: Bud Light

He's got Bud Light." "And an ax!" "Yeah, but he's got Bud Light."

Not much else to say about this commercial. It speaks for itself.

"Accidental Kiss" :: Snickers

A classic commercial that had all of America simultaneously yelling "Don't Do It!" to the guy in the brown. May go down in history as "Brokeback Snickers".

"Slap Fight" :: Bud Light

Another very satisfying Bud Light commercial. People from all walks of life slapping each other. This is the kind of commercial that even forces those people that never laugh to chuckle. The best part is at the very end when the guy slaps his boss after the boss congratulates him on "Saving the Account"

Who wears #1 in the NFL? It stumped me... but I'm a College FB guy.

The winner is....

"Auctioneer Wedding" :: Bud Light"

Bud Light owns again, with something like 5 ads in my Top 10. This commercial was by far my favorite, representing the way I sometimes feel at weddings. I'm sure most of you agree.

That'll do 'er for our Super Bowl Commercial Recap. Feel free to weigh in on your favorites in the thread below.

As always, Go Beavers!