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2007 Recruiting Class, Part 1 :: Offensive Linemen and Tight Ends

Signing Day is only three days away (Wednesday), so lets take a look at who has committed to be a Beaver next year. Stars selected by Rivals.

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Name Stars 40 time Attributes Hype/Notes
Jon Ioane -- 6-5, 325 He's huge. I've seen him listed in some places at 325, some places as 340. Can't wait to see him play.
Castro Masaniai 4.86 6-3, 244 Out of Hawaii, Castro almost had his mind made up he wanted to be a Beaver before he came to Oregon.
Marcus Perry 4.9 6-1, 225 Also plays linebacker, but is an excellent snapper.
Rory Ross 4.83 6-2, 227 He looks really small to be an Offensive Lineman. Seems to me like he would be a more natural tight end.
Michael Cole - 6-7, 290 Offensive Tackle out of Lake Oswego High School that's coming to Oregon State from Los Altos Hills College.
Carl Sommer 4.6 6-4, 230 The pride of Wilsonville, OR, he played for the rivals of my hometown high school, Sherwood. He was a great high school player. He also played running back and Defensive Line for Wilsonville, but there's no way he could play DL at the college level.
Colby Prince 4.8 6-5, 220 Played for West Albany High School, who Sherwood also played this year. Almost won a state championship, but was stop short of the title by Corvallis, the team that knocked Sherwood out of the playoffs.

Go Beavers!