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Washington Preview

The Huskies travel to Gill tonight to face the Beavers in a game that, well, some Husky fans are looking past.

The Beavers are going to have to battle inside to have any chance of stopping the Dawgs. They pack a punch in the middle (Brockman, Hawes, Pondexter) and also have a couple good guards in Ryan Appelby and Justin Dentmon.

Ryan Appelby after getting shut down by the Beavers tonight...
(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

So basically, Washington needs this bad. Oregon State will take anything they can get, and we might need one more win to avoid the surge from Arizona State. You only have to be faster than the slowest guy. Let's not let them pass us on the backstretch.

Okay, corniness over.

Long story short, a win would be nice tonight.

6:00, FSN.

Go Beavers!