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Looking Ahead to the Pac-10 Tourney

If Pac-10 play ended today, here's what the bracket would look like for the tournament:

Again, this bracket reflects what the Pac-10 tourney would look like if the season ended today. UCLA would claim the #1 spot, the Ducks would be at #5, and the Beavers would be at #9.

Oregon State would draw Cal, which sits well with me. Out of Washington and Cal, (who are in a tie for seventh place right now, we had to use tiebreakers) I would feel much more comfortable playing Cal, a team we have played tough in both games. Cal is relatively small, compared to Washington, who is quite large.

As of right now, Stanford and Oregon would be a great first round matchup, as well as USC and Arizona.

Problem is, if the Beavers were to get by Cal in this scenario, they would have to play UCLA. The last time the Beavers and Bruins played, UCLA prevailed by 47 points.

How far do you think the Beavers could get in this bracket?

Voice in below.

The Beavers play the Washington schools this week, before playing the Ducks in the Civil War next week.

Go Beavers!