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Derek Anderson vs. Kellen Clemens

Two small-town Oregon quarterbacks will square off today. In the NFL.

It won't be the first time the two teams have met. They competed against each other when Derek Anderson was at Scapoose and Kellen Clemens was at Burns. They competed in college when Derek was at Oregon State and Kellen was at Oregon.

And today, the spotlight moves to Giants Stadium, as Derek will start for the Cleveland Browns, and Kellen will start for the New York Jets.

The Oregonian has their story on the match-up:

Seven years ago, Clemens led the Burns High School football team into a Class 3A state semifinal showdown with Scappoose -- led by current Browns quarterback Derek Anderson -- and lost 48-26.

It's not often that two quarterbacks can say they have competed against each other in high school, college and the NFL. After Sunday, Clemens and Anderson will be able to do just that.

They were two of the nation's most sought-after quarterbacks coming out of high school in 2001. They went to camps together and formed a friendship that continued despite a rivalry that grew even more intense with Clemens attending Oregon and Anderson going to Oregon State. They split two Civil War meetings as starters before their college careers ended. Sunday will be their first meeting in the NFL.

"It's really an amazing thing how two guys from small towns in Oregon can now be starting for NFL teams, and now we're going to go against each other on Sunday," Clemens said.

Kickoff is at 1:15 Pacific, but if you're in the Oregon area, you probably won't be able to watch the game unless you have a NFL package. The game is on CBS, but they're televising Pittsburgh vs. New England at 1:15.