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Morning Radar, 12/6/07

Note: this was supposed to be posted this morning, but an oversight on my part caused it not to be posted to the main page. Here you go.

For Five Years in a Row, the site claims to have correctly predicted the Heisman winner. This year's candidates are Darrel McFadden from Arkansas, Tim Tebow from Florida, Chase Daniel from Missouri, and Colt Brennan from Hawaii. A case can be made for all four, but the guys over at Stiff Arm Trophy say that Florida QB Tim Tebow will win by a large margin. Dennis Dixin comes in at sixth on the list.

Speaking of the Heisman Trophy, John Canzano makes a case for Dennis Dixon to at least make the trip to New York.

From John's blog:

I didn't expect Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon to win the Heisman Trophy, but I'm a little surprised he wasn't named on enough ballots to be a finalist. When is this award going to go legit anyway? Dixon played in 9.5 games this season, and if you're looking for an endorsement of his talent/value/worth take a look at his team's games without him. Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan has had a great year, but also, he missed most of two games with injury. And Arkansas running back Darren McFadden is going to be a terrific NFL player, but his team lost four games this season with him in the lineup. And I suppose Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel had a great season, and is a great player, but given the national spotlight and the opportunity, he got blown out against Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game.

Griffin wins the Draddy
Keeping the theme of Dennis Dixon going, he was a finalist for the Draddy award, given to the top scholar in college football. Although the only class he took this term is billiards, he's graduating with honors. The Oregonian had a nice read on Dennis the other day. And by the way, Texas center Dallas Griffin won the award.

Willingham will stay at Washington-- we think
After Washington State dismissed Bill Doba, Washington was considering some coaching change until they decided to keep Ty Willingham around for at least the two years left on his contract.

Another coaching carousel
UCLA is also looking for a head coach-- one to replace Karl Dorrell. Bruins Nation has some thoughts on the potential candidates. It looks like they're all busy preparing for bowls of their own.

Some drama in SoCal
They're still bickering over USC's potential move to the Rose Bowl for next season. The move would result in both UCLA and USC playing in the Rose Bowl.

And Finally... Dawg Sports has begun their bowl previews. It's always fun to read Kyle's stuff, whether you're a Georgia fan or not.