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Jack Folliard is not a Duck

Yesterday I reported that Jack Folliard was a UO alum, citing the ABC broadcast of the game with Dan Fouts and Tim Brant.

Now, thanks to an article that appeared in the Oregon Bar Bulletin in July, we know that Mr. Folliard was a graduate of Lewis and Clark University.

Like trying a case in a courtroom, which he has done many times, being a big-college sports official brings "tremendous pressure," concedes Folliard (pronounced "fall-yerd"), a Portland lawyer since 1974 and a sports official since 1969, when he was a student at Lewis & Clark College, calling basketball games.

The (white) cap to his career came in January, when he refereed the Bowl Championship Series title game, the official national championship, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity few officials get.

-Starting in the Law-
John F. Folliard Jr. began life in Berkeley, Calif., but in the second grade moved with his family to Lake Oswego, where he finished at Lake Oswego High School. He played and loved sports, but was a "second-stringer" rather than a standout, he says. After graduating from Lewis & Clark as an economics major, he went to work for Pacific Northwest Bell.

Folliard was in a management program that would have required him to live in Manhattan for two years, then be sent around the country. He was married by then and wanted to remain in Portland, though, so he left the phone company and entered law school at Lewis & Clark.

So, it looks like the ABC crew was quoting some false information. There's no doubt in my mind that things like this happen in college football, but it didn't happen this year at the Civil War. At least with the head official.

There are still plenty of things to be said about Pac-10 football officials. But I won't go there.

Moral of the story-- don't believe everything broadcasters tell you, especially if they are Ducks themselves.