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Twenty-Oh-Seven: A Look Back

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It's New Years Eve, which means another chapter of Oregon State athletics will be finished as of tonight. Again, it was another successful year for Bob De Carolis and all of the Beaver sports teams.

Like we did last year, we'll take a look at some pictures of Oregon State's accomplishments in '07. If you've ever listened to Mike Parker call an OSU game, you've probably noticed the distinct way he refers to years. Instead of "Two thousand seven", he prefers to say "Twenty-oh-seven". Hence the name of this post.

Last year we were talking about how Oregon State had one of the most successful years in recent history. 2006 included a NCAA Baseball Championship, a 10-4 football season capped off with a 39-38 win over Missouri in the Sun Bowl, a trip to the NCAA tournament for the softball team, a high finish by the gymnasts at the NCAA finals, and Mike Hass was making noise in the pros as a rookie.

This year, we got another NCAA championship in Baseball, Softball made it to regionals, the gymnastics team had another great year, and most recently, the football team capped of a 9-4 season with a 21-14 Emerald Bowl victory over Maryland. Also, Matt Moore, Derek Anderson and Jacoby Ellsbury are making noise in the professional ranks in their young careers.

So give these pictures a few seconds to load, and take some time to look through them and relive some of Oregon State's accomplishments in 2007.

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Update [2008-1-1 20:45:35 by Jake]: S#!%, I forgot to include the Civil War:


Happy New Year, and stay safe.


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