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Montana State 60, Oregon State 59

Note: with traveling and everything (lack of motivation, cough cough) I didn't post a thread for this game. I don't think many people are looking to talk about the Beaver Basketballers right now, so hopefully it's not that big of a problem.

Oregon State played host to Montana State last night, and thanks to a shot by Carlos Taylor with 3.9 second left in regulation, lost.

Montana State had a chance to win in their last possession after Oregon State turned the ball over on a shot clock violation with 20 seconds left. Carlos Taylor got the ball at the top of the key and dribbled before sinking a shot over two defenders.

The game stats:

College Basketball Stats by
As you can see, Montana State edged the Beavers in efficiency and field goal percentage, two important categories. The Beavers, who are now 6-6 on the year, played Montana State last year and won by nine. This year, the outcome was different. Here is what head coach Jay John had to say after the game:
"I told the guys I am not happy about our record; but, we have to grow. I do know this, there are things we do better than we have in the past and that is we defend. It will help our offense. With Omari (Johnson) out, that changed a lot of things. I thought we had a decent chance to be 8-4 and steal one on the way. I didn’t know it would take C.J. this long to get back into the swing of things. I knew from the young guys we had, there would definitely be some growing up to do."

Does it sound to you like he's pointing a finger at C.J. Giles? "I didn't know it would take C.J. this long..." To me, it sounds like Jay John thinks C.J. is the reason Oregon Stats is 6-6 instead of 8-4 (maybe he is). Do you get the idea Jay thought C.J. would save the season?

I think it's time for a change.

Speaking of C.J., he finally is showing some more sounds of life. As you can see in the boxscore below, C.J. has 13 points in 31 minutes (he started) with 10 rebounds. And 5 blocks. 5 blocks! Oregon State had six on the night. Do that math...

Marcel Jones also had 13, although he only shot 4-12 from the field. Seth Tarver had a tough time getting shots to fall as well, going 3-11 with only seven points. Thats the first time this season he hasn't got to double digits scoring, and five points lower than his previous game low.

Also, no foul trouble for C.J.

Here's a look the contributions made by each player:

College Basketball Stats by

Notice the impact C.J. (light red) had on points, rebounds, and blocks. Hopefully its a sign of things to come for the struggling Beavers.

The Pac-10 season is next for the Beavers. They'll start it off this Thursday against Arizona at the McKale Center.