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Emerald Bowl Preview: Their O vs. Our D

The Beaver D has been atop the nation all year, and they will definitely pose a challenge for a Maryland offense who ranks fifth in the ACC in overall offense. I'm short on time, so I'm only going to post the depth charts:

Here we go:

Maryland Offense:

X Receiver: Darrius Heyward-Bey 6-2 206
Left Tackle: Scott Burley 6-5 324
Left Guard: Phil Costa 6-3 297
Center: Edwin Williams 6-2 326
Right Guard:Andrew Crumme 6-5 301
Right Tackle:Dane Randolph 6-5 312
Tight End:Joey Haynos 6-8 260
Quarterback:Chris Turner 6-3 214
Tailback: Lance Ball 5-9 223
Fullback: Cory Jackson 6-1 253
Z Receiver: Issiah Williams 6-3 197
Slot Back: Emani Lee-Odai 6-3 197
H Back:Jason Goode 6-3 238

Oregon State Defense

(Since the majority of us are familiar with Oregon State's defense and the coaching staff makes so many in-game substitutions, I'll list the depth chart at each position)

Left End: Dorian Smith, Victor Butler
Left Tackle: Gerard Lee, William Akau'ola Vea
Right Tackle: Curtis Coker, Pernnell Booth
Right End:Jeff Van Orsow, Naymon Frank
Strong Side LB: Derrick Doggett, Keaton Kristick
Middle LB: Aland Darlin, Bryant Cornell
Weak Side LB: Joey LaRocque, Keaton Kristick
Left Corner: Keenan Lewis, Gerard Lawson
Strong Safety:Daniel Drayton, Greg Laybourn
Free Safety: Al Afalava, Bryan Payton
Right Corner: Brandon Hughes, Tim Clark