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Emerald Bowl Forecast: Snow in Oregon, Rain in San Francisco?

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Merry Christmas to all you BTDers out there-- and Merry White Christmas to all you reading from the Willamette Valley, and wherever else snow is falling.

When I look over my shoulder and out the window here at my house, I'm seeing about an inch, but on the Reser cam, there isn't even a trace of snow sticking to the ground. So maybe I'm just a lucky one.

Problem is, the sixth rendition of the Emerald Bowl won't be played in Corvallis, or in the state of Oregon. It's in San Francisco. As of this post, nine out of 21 of you have said you'll be going to San Francisco for the game. Well, it looks like you'll be bringing the Oregon rain with you, just in time for the game:

Of course, the rain is expected to leave by Monday, a safe time frame for all Beaver fans to leave San Francisco.

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