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Moore and Romo, Former Teammates, Set to go Head-to-Head Tonight

About three months ago, Matt Moore was the number three quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He made friends with starter Tony Romo early in camp, and went to him for advice throughout his time with the Cowboys. When the Dallas organization decided to keep only two quarterbacks, Matt was the guy who got cut.

Romo and Moore were buds during training camp.

Tonight, Tony Romo and Matt Moore will start against each other-- Romo for the Cowboys, and Moore for the Carolina Panthers.

After starting last week's game against Seattle and getting a win, Matt Moore has been the talk of the town. He's the fourth quarterback to take a snap this year for the Panthers-- Jake Delhomme went down with an injury early in the season, David Carr hurt his back, the Panthers brought Vinny Testeverde out of retirement, and he got hurt. Now, Matt Moore has the Panthers playing their best football since the start of the season when Delhomme was still healthy.

Moore has plenty riding on his shoulders tonight. The 6-8 Panthers can still make the playoffs, but they'll have to win their final two games to do it. The Cowboys have already clinched the NFC East, but a win over Carolina could help Dallas get home field advantage. It would also eliminate the Panthers from the playoffs.

The game starts at 5:00p.m. on the NFL Network.