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Morning Radar, 12/21/07

We're still keeping an eye out on the Bellotti/UCLA potential coaching hire. It's hard to tell who we should trust at this point-- I'm hoping some official news comes out on this front in the next few days.

Washington is in the process of rebuilding their coaching staff-- Ty Willingham's Notre Dame nucleus (Baer, Simmons, Miles) has basically been whittled down to just him. For the full story, head over to Washington Husky Sports.

The Golden Blogs explore the hideous owl game names.

It didn't take Rich Rodriguez long to make an impact on the University of Michigan campus-- he fired his assistant the second day on the job.

Suspensions have been ripping into many team's bowl rosters lately, but thankfully, not Oregon State's. Knock on wood. Just mentioning a few: Florida State lost many players off it's roster due to a "cheating scandal", three Penn State players had charges refiled against them, Ohio State suspended a cornerback, the Clemson players are ineligible, Boise State suspended three, and three were charged in an attack on UNC football players.