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Poll Results: Penn State 2008

I ran this poll about a month ago, but I never published the results. I was interested to see what BTD readers thought of putting Penn State on the schedule, since Oregon State has a rough history in games on the eastern side of the Mississippi. Here you go:

After an official Building the Dam poll, of which the results you may view below, I have concluded that most Beaver fans either a) support the athletic department's decision to schedule Penn State, or b) are horny men (and/or women??) who would much rather see Erin Andrews strut up and down the sidelines of Beaver (get your mind out of the gutter!) Stadium than actually watch a football game.

As you can see, the results are quite conclusive:

How do you feel about Oregon State's scheduling of Penn State?
Although we haven't had success in games like this in the past, I'm optimistic about our chances   46 votes - 71 %
The money will be nice, but we don't stand a chance against the Nittany Lions   2 votes - 3 %
As long as Erin Andrews is the sideline reporter, I don't care about the result   16 votes - 25 %

Not many people are ruling the Beavers out of this game yet. If there are, in fact, some non-believers out there, I'm being led to believe that they've just decided to watch the game for Erin Andrews instead.

Our luck, we'll end up with Todd Harris.

Which may excite some people. Who knows.