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Bellotti Interviews with UCLA

Reports state that current Oregon head coach Mike Bellotti has been interviewed for the UCLA job.

In fact, the rumors are swirling at Bruins Nation. We've been following this search from a distance in the Morning Radar, but now this has taken a whole different turn.

Bruins Nation reports that one source from says that the deal is almost finalized. The actual quote: "Some sources have indicated that the deal is actually in the stages of being finalized".


If I was the head coach at Oregon, (not that I ever well be, or will ever want to be) I wouldn't want to leave Eugene for UCLA. In my book, the Ducks have a stronger athletic department, despite the tradition of UCLA. But, you never know what Bellotti will have up his sleeve. The guy who allowed Dennis Dixon to play on a bum knee could very well be on his way out of Oregon.

The biggest downside about UCLA? Not as many uniform combinations. And, Mike would have to get rid of his favorite suit:

--The M Zone

Regardless of MB's decision, the Beavers will have the pleasure of beating him for years to come.