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BTD Bowl Bash :: The Poinsettia

Believe it or not, it's bowl season already. Weren't we just dreading how long we would have to wait between our final regular season games and the bowls?

Well, regardless of the pace at which your biological clock is ticking through the month of December, the Poinsettia Bowl kicks off the CFB Bowl season tonight in San Diego. This game is somewhat appealing to the average Oregon State fan because we played Utah in the first game of the season. Although we roughed up Utah physically (their starting quarterback and running back both exited with somewhat-serious injuries in the first half), Oregon State brushed off the off pre-season dust (QB competition, etc.) and got a W.

For fun, I'm going to hold a competition here at Building the Dam involving some SB Nation blogs. It's similar to what I did last ear. Some blogs chose to do a bowl challenge on ESPN or some other provider, but I elected to write about each bowl on this site. A little background on the format:

Like I said, I did something similar to this last year. Prior to kickoff of each game, I will post the odds, the result of the coin flip, as well as all three blogger picks. I'll be keeping a running total of points throughout the bowl season. Extra weight will be given to a select few New Years Day bowls and BCS Bowls, but we'll worry about that later. For the next week or so, we'll be dealing with all "1 point" games.

The two other participants from SB Nation include Kyle from Dawg Sports and Matt from Sunday Morning Quarterback.

Without further ado, here are the picks for the Poinsettia Bowl:

For the sake of fairness, I've laid out my picks here. They're subject to change, but they'll do so with proper notice. Cheaters are stupid, therefore I'm not going to. I wouldn't want DawgSports to press charges against me.