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Tennessee Tech 79, Oregon State 62

Due to the approaching Holidays and whatnot, I didn't have a chance to listen to much of this game. From the sounds of things, it was a good one to miss. I'm going to primarily let the stats do the talking:

The Beavers had another pitiful night shooting the ball. Thirty-five percent from the field, 61% from the line, and 17% from three point range just isn't going to cut it. And it didn't cut it today. The Beavers lost by 17 to a team that came into the game 3-7.

Omari Johnson was back, which is good to see. He will be wearing the plastic facemask for awhile, as his (cheek?) continues to heel.

C.J. Giles was again in action, although he still isn't in full stride. Despite some bright spots, he fouled out in 16 minutes, scoring 7 points. Here is the box score, with some Christmas-colored accents. Just like the stock market, green is good, red is bad.

And here are the team stats, compared. You'll notice that Tennessee Tech dominated the Beavers in just about everything except attempted shots, blocks, and not much else.

College Basketball Stats by
Next the Beavers have Northern Colorado at Home. That game will be played this Thursday at Gill. If it means anything, the Beavers have never lost to the Bears of Northern Colorado.