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Two Ex-Beavers Start, Win in NFL on Same Day

Derek Anderson has been the talk of the Cleveland Browns for the latter half of this season, but who knew that Matt Moore would put 208 yards up on the Seahawks and beat them 13-10?

I didn't get to see Derek play, because I'm not a big enough NFL fan to have any TV packages, and the Browns are never televised in Oregon. I did get to see Matt Moore play, as they were playing the nearby Seahawks.

Derek lead the Browns to their 9th win of the season, and all the sudden Cleveland is looking like a legit playoff team. The weather conditions were tough in Buffalo. Real tough:

AP Photo/ Tony Dejak (via ESPN)

Derek completed 9 passes for 137 yards. After seeing the above picture, that even seems like a lot. However, the game wasn't totally dominated by the run. Cleveland RB Jamal Lewis carried the ball 33 times, gaining 163 yards.

In Carolina, Matt Moore became the fourth quarterback to start for the Panthers. They started the year off with Jake Delhomme, then went to David Carr, then Vinny Testaverde, and now Matt Moore. Matt got some good publicity from the Fox best quarterback play since Delhomme went out with an injury early in the season.

AP Photo/ Rick Havner (via ESPN)
And just for fun, one more picture of Derek:

AP Photo/ Tony Dejak (via ESPN)