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Morning Radar, 12/13/07

Yesterday I told you that Washington dismissed their AD, Todd Turner. Orson reveals the true story. I'll leave it at that.

In a surprising move, Bobby Petrino resigned from the Atlanta Falcons yesterday, citing that is was in the "best interests of him and his family" and "circumstances did not allow" for him to finish the season. Several hours later, he took the head coaching job at Arkansas. Needless to say, the players were pissed. From our good friend, the former Duck Joey Harrington:

"That's what I think brought up the anger, to have him talk about family, about team and about commitment, and then to come in here and have a form letter at your locker. That's not how a man acts. That's how a coward acts."

Yeah. I'd have to agree.

ESPN has a cool feature where you can simulate an actual BCS playoff. You pick your rating system or choose your own. I went with the BCS Top 16. The webpage simulates the games for you, so the user really has no control. My simulated winner? USC. I wasn't very happy with that result, so I went back and tried it again. This time, LSU beat USC in the second round, and went on to win the National Championship. Now that's more like it...

Dawg Sports' Bowl Prediction series rattles on, and today, the Sun Bowl is featured. It is truely a battle of two teams who went from 60 to zero over the course of only a few weeks-- Oregon and South Florida. Kyle is picking South Florida to win. He's probably right.

Norm Chow to UCLA? The guys over at Bruins Nation have all you need to know.