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Morning Radar, 12/12/07

After a two day hiatus, the Morning Radar is back with some quick hits from around the blogosphere:

Don't know if my subscription ran out or what, but I haven't been getting my Sports Illustrated lately. So I'm sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office yesterday, and pick up the Sports Illustrated on the table, half expecting a issue from 1972. To my surprise, it was actually last week's issue. Naturally, I flip to the back cover to read what Rick Reilly has to say. It's a like a reflex to me. You hand me a Sports Illustrated, I flip it to the back cover to see if I've read the article before. So, I flip it to the back, and I was shocked to find out that I was reading Rick's last column for Sports Illustrated.

The good news is that (per his website) he's not done writing, just simply switching alliances from Sports Illustrated to ESPN. From his website:

Beginning June 1, 2008, Reilly will begin writing for ESPN the Magazine,, and delivering essays for "ESPN SportsCenter" and ABC-TV's golf coverage. He will also host an interview show.

For me, the six months without Reilly will be tough. Hopefully he returns to his prolific weekly column-writing days. For now, I'll have to sift through my manilla folder of Reilly columns I've ripped out of my magazines over the years...

Sunday Morning Quarterback points out just how easy it is to be a bowl team.

All you Erin Andrews lovers, (I know you're out there) head over to Orson's place.

Buker reports that Riley hasn't been contacted by UCLA on the prospect of taking the job vacated by Karl Dorrell, and he's happy that way. The quote was: "I have heard nothing, and I want to hear nothin". So that's good news.

Also from Buker's blog, we find out that Washington State had some talks with defensive coordinator Mark Banker about their vacated head coaching position. Things never got serious, apparently, and Paul Wulff got the job.

Just after annoucning that Ty Willingham will be sticking around in Seattle, Washington Atletic Director Todd Turner resigned. One begins to wonder, what happens to a website like when it actually happens? If you want to find out, I suggest you follow the link.