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C.J. Debuts as Oregon State plays Cal State Bakersfield

We've been waiting for this day for a year now, and it's finally here.

C.J. Giles is eligible after transferring from Kansas, and will be suited up in his new #23 jersey tonight.

Now, while we realize he probably won't start, he's going to make a difference. Period.

Jay John has said that even if he doesn't run a play for Giles the entire season, C.J. will score 8-10 points a game on second chance points, putbacks, and the lot. He's right.

If you watched C.J. play when he was at Kansas, heck, if you've seen what the guy looks like, you can tell he's an athlete. The man is 6-11 with a 7-4 wingspan. He has the athleticism of a guard, and can shoot like one:

Let's take a look at the other Beavers in the normal run-down of the leaders:

Seth Tarver continues to lead the team in points with 16.1 per game. He's also third on the team in rebounds. Seth has been the high scorer for Oregon State in three of seven games, all of which he has started.

Marcel Jones is averaging 14.6 per game. He's only started four, even though everyone thinks he has the talent to have started in every game. Maybe he's unhappy about C.J., and maybe he thinks that Giles will take away some of his PT. The bottom line is that he's taking playing time away from himself right now by the looks of it. Again, hopefully things are improving, if not already improved.

So, let's go over some key points for the game:

Percentages. It's a basic concept of basketball-- you've got to get the orange ball into the round hoop to score points and ultimately win games. The Beavers haven't been so efficient in the field goal shooting so far this season. Hopefully C.J. gives us a greater inside presence and produces easier baskets, but I hate to keep using him as an excuse for everything. If you really want to know, Oregon State ranks 308th in the nation in field goal percentage.

Cal State Bakersfield, in their first year of Division I ball, are off to a slow 1-7 start. That's about all I'll say about them.