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More 'Quizz Stats...

I got an e-mail from one of Jacquizz's followers down in Texas. I'll have even more on Texas' leading rusher later, but I'll leave you today with some numbers:

Career Stats:
Total Career Rushing Yards: 8008
Total Career Touchdowns: 133 (Texas state record was 128 and he still has one more game - the state championship)
National Touchdown Record: 3rd place
All time national Rushing Yards: 20th place
All time Texas rushing yards: currently 7th with one more game to play - can move into 6th
All time Houston area rushing yards: 2nd place (Kenneth Hall had over 11,000 total rushing yards)
All time Texas 4A rushing yards: 2nd
All time Texas Rushing Carries in Season: Currently 6th
All time Texas Rushing Carries in Career: currently in top 3
The list goes on and on..........

This Season:
Rushing Yards: 2639
Attempts: 402
Yds/Att: 6.56
Total Touchdowns: 39
Receiving yards: 552
yds/catch: 24

That's amazing!

Not only does Jacquizz sound like a good player despite his size, but he sounds like a great kid off the field.