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A Closer Look: First Half Offense vs. Oregon

Since we've got some time off, time on our hands, and a game tape of the Civil War handy, let's take one out of Brian from MGoBlog's book, and break the game down play-by-play.

First of all, Joel at was kind enough to produce an "Animated Drive Chart" for the Civil War. Check it out below.

Also below, you will see the first portion of the play-by-play analysis of all of Oregon State's offensive plays from the first half. Each play lists the yardline, down, distance, formation, play type, play yardage, and the key player, as well as a short description. Click "Read More", and you will find the second half.



Ln Dn Ds Formation Type Yards Player
B33 1 10 Ace 3-wide Pass 29 Brown
Aggressive play-call to start the game. Moevao hits Anthony Brown on the nice drag route. Puts the Beavers in Duck territory early. 
D38 1 10 Ace fly sweep left Run 38 Sieverson
Two play drive results in quick strike for the Beavers. Huge hole for Moevao, he goes untouched into the end zone.
Drive Notes: OSU Touchdown, 7-0 OSU, 14:36 left first quarter. Two plays, 63 yards.
B3 1 10 Ace Double Tight Run 7 Sieverson
Brandon Powers misses a block or this run is going for 5+ more yards. Still, nice run by Matt, running a few guys over for a seven yard gain. Gave the Beavers some breathing room.
B10 2 3 Ace Double Tight Run 3 Sieverson
Not much room, but Matt gets three the hard way. Good enough for a first down.
B13 1 10 Ace Doubles Run 6 Sieverson
Sieverson takes the long handoff to the left, picks up six and falls out of bounds. Nice block by Andy Levitre.
B19 2 4 Ace fly sweep right Pass 26 Powers
Brandon Powers finds a soft spot in the defense and is wide open, Moevao hits him, and BP does a good job picking up some yards after the catch. First down.
B45 1 10 Ace trips left Run 1 Sieverson
Nothin’ doin. Barely gets back to the line of scrimmage.
B46 2 9 Ace Doubles Run 3 Sieverson
Sieverson picks up a couple straight up the middle.
B49 3 6 Shotgun Trips Right Run 10 Moevao
Moevao picks up some big-time yards, then tries to run over the Duck defenders like a running back. Fumbles the ball, and the Beavers can’t recover. 
Drive Notes: OSU Fumble, 7-0 OSU,  8:08 left first quarter. Seven plays, 60 yards.
B3 1 10 Ace Doubles Run -1 Polk
Polk looks for room to the left, can’t find it. Almost got stuck in his own end zone. 
B2 2 11 Ace Trips Right Pass Inc Johnson
Moevao has lots of time to throw in his own end zone, but throws it over the head of Chris Johnson down the right sideline. He didn’t look that open, and the pass was way to high for Chris to get it. Good miss by Moevao though. 
B2 3 11 Ace Dobules Pass 2 Rodgers
Intersting play call on the screen to Rodgers. In the shadows of your own goal posts, I think you have to at least aim for the first down. I don’t like the conservative play calls that require extra effort after the catch. But that’s just me.
Drive Notes: Punt, 7-0 OSU, 1:09 left first quarter. Three plays, 1 yard. 

To see the remaining play-by-play of the first half offense, click "Read More."



Ln Dn Ds Formation Type Yards Player
B34 1 10 Ace Doubles Run 2 Powers
Quick screen pass out to Brandon Powers that goes in the books as a run. Not much doing on the outside, as the Ducks swallow Brandon up for only a short gain.
B36 2 8 Ace Doubles Run 5 Polk
Polk pounds it up the middle, small hole, gain of five.
B41 3 3 Shotgun Trips Left Pass 9 Catchings
Catchings catches the pass over the middle, then gets hit hard. First down.
50 1 10 Ace Trips Left, Reverse Right Run -3 Rodgers
Rodgers gets the call on the weird reverse play to the right. I can see that play going for big yards, but the Ducks contained Rodgers well. Loss of three.
B47 2 13 Ace Trips left fly motion left Pass Inc Powers
Moevao is hit as he throws, Powers had it in his hands, but the Beavers luck out thanks to a unsportsman like penalty away from the ball. First down.
D38 1 10 Ace Doubles Pass 30 Miller
Gabe Miller is wide open down the right hash, and rumbles his way ahead for a few yards after the catch. Sets the beavers up inside the 10.
D8 1 G Ace Double Tight Pass 7 Rodgers
Good job by Rodgers breaking a few tackles inside the five. Oh so close to a TD.
D1 2 G Goal line Run 1 Polk
With some help from the Duck tackler, Polk is thrown into the end zone for six.
Drive Notes: Touchdown, 14-7 OSU. :50 left first quarter. Eight plays, 66 yards.
B37 1 10 Ace H-back Trips Right Run 9 Sieverson
Sieverson finds a hole, trips and dives out near the first down marker. Great run-- it was a very small hole.
B46 2 1 Ace H-back Trips Right Run 3 Sieverson
Sieverson gets out to midfield. Good enough for another O-S-U first down!
D49 1 10 H-back Trips Left Run 13 Sieverson
Another big hole for Sieverson. He gets some big time yards-- and could of had more but get tripped up after he got the first. He could of had another ten.
B38 1 10 Ace Double Tight Twins Right Pass Inc Powers
Pass dropped by Powers. He was wide open on the out pattern, but turned his head before he caught the ball. He only would have gotten about two or three anyway.
B38 2 10 H-back Trips Right Run 7 Sieverson
Sieverson has hit at about the line of scrimmage, and kept driving ahead for seven yards. Gret effort by the O-line and Sieverson.
B31 3 3 Ace Doubles Run 7 Sieverson
Sieverson runs over some more Ducks, and he is smokin’ the Duck D on this drive.
B23 1 10 Ace trips left Run 1 Sieverson
Not much up the middle for Matt.
B22 2 9 Ace Doubles Fly Sweep Right Run 6 Rodgers
Rodgers picks up a long six on the sweep. Nice run.
B16 3 3