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Q&A with Addicted to Quack

The Civil War is upon us, so it's time to bring in Dave from Addicted to Quack. Say that ten times fast.

Again, we're keeping it short and sweet. We'll let the players do the talking.

Building the Dam: Both teams will be starting back-up quarterbacks, but Lyle Moevao has thrown 101 passes in his career. Cody Kempt has thrown 23, and Justin Roper has 6. Between those two, there are only eight completions. Moevao has 52. How do you feel about the quarterback situation?

Addicted to Quack: We've gone from Dennis Dixon to Cody Kempt.  That's about all you need to know.   I have no doubts will a full week of practice that Kempt will be better than he was last week.  But against a very good defense, I would be shocked if he led this team to more than one scoring drive.   Lets put it this way--I hope the defense is stout.

Building the Dam: Two or three weeks ago Oregon fans were banking on a trip to New Orleans. Now that the Ducks won't even be making a Rose Bowl trip, how do Duck fans get excited about the Civil War?

Addicted to Quack: One of the great things about college football is that, regardless of the way the season is going, rivalry games are always important.  A lot of Duck fans have given up on the season.   But the true junkies like myself will ALWAYS be amped up for this game.  There is the home field streak.  But, more importantly, there is the fact that we have had to listen to Beaver fans for a whole year.  Reestablishing bragging rights would go a long way toward salvaging the end of the season.

Building the Dam: Can you tell us anything about Jonathan Stewart? What's going on with his toe? Obviously you can't get your toe scoped like Bernard had his knee scoped, but do you expect him to start, and if so, how do you expect him to do against the Oregon State defense?

Addicted to Quack: He'll start.  But hobbled up, against a great OSU run defense that knows that he's the only weapon they have?   OSU will stack the box, and with Stewart at about 60%, that will work.  They'll force Kempt and Roper to beat them.   And that will be ugly.

Building the Dam: Also, do you know how the toe injury occurred?

Addicted to Quack: It happened at the end of the UA game.  I'm not exactly sure how it happened.

Building the Dam: Okay, so both teams have good defenses. The offenses are suspect. What are the odds that this game is decided on turnovers and special teams?  How do you think Oregon will do if this comes down to special teams? Maybe another Matt Evanson field goal in the closing minutes?

Addicted to Quack: That's exactly what its going to come down to.  I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in Oregon's ability to move the ball.   If they are going to score, its going to have to be pick sixes, kick returns, safeties, or turnovers that already put the Ducks in field goal range.   I think the Beavers are in a bit better shape, but by no means do I think that they will be pretty, either.  Both of these defense have made big plays all year, and whoever makes more will win this game.

If it comes down to Evensen, I'm good with that.  You have to remember, he was a backup kicker until the Civil War last year.   This year, as the full time starter, he's 13-16 on field goals.  He's been very good.

Building the Dam: I'm not one who likes to predict scores for Oregon State games, but if you're willing, offer your thoughts for how this game will come out.

Addicted to Quack: I really think it's a toss up, and I'm not feeling a good vibe either way.   I'd be very surprised, however, if it wasn't a low scoring affair.  Something like 10-7, 14-10, hell, maybe even 6-3.   It'll be ugly.