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Living Large in the Pac-10

According to a recent Coldwell Banker study, the Pac-10 is the most expensive Division 1 conference to own a home in. The average home cost is almost a solid 300,000 higher than the competition.

It makes sense. The Pac-10 has two LA schools (1.3 million per house) and a Berkley (San Francisco suburb) school. However, Stanford takes the prize here with an average home price of 1.6 million. Palo Alto is the most expensive college town in America, folks. Here's the list:

Stanford, USC, UCLA, and Cal help to carry the Pac-10 to the prize for the highest priced conference overall:

Corvallis is the eighth most expensive college town in the Pac-10. Only Arizona (Tuscon) and Washington State (Pullman) rank lower.