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Moevao will get the start Saturday

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Per Mike Riley, Lyle Moevao will get the start Saturday against the Huskies. Canfield has a sprained left shoulder, the same exact injury Yvenson Bernard is healing from. Throwing a football is out of question for Canfield right now, which means Lyle could not only start this week's game, but next week's as well. That game is on the Palouse. The Beavers only need one more win to become bowl eligible, and they hope to get it this week.

With Sean out of the lineup now, our success hinges on Yvenson Bernard. Hopefully he'll be game-ready by Saturday, or else we will be starting back-ups at both QB and RB. Some may argue that Bernard is our offense, and with Lyle in there, I would expect the play calls to stay conservative. Yv makes plays happen, which is just what the Oregon State offense needed against USC, and what they will need against the Huskies.

For the full scoop, head over to Buker's blog.

More on the Canfield injury, and the Smith injury coming later.