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OSU 70-something, Warner Pacific 50-something

The Beavers beat the Knights on Sunday Knight, improving to 1-0 in exhibition play.

As one might say, they're off to a good start.

But take a closer look a the numbers, and you'll find that the Beavers are still rusty. They were a rancid 2-for-20 from behind the arc, which could be foreshadowing for a season much like last year. To continue the foreshadowing, the Beavers shot 63% from the line.

So, if the points aren't coming from the perimeter, that must mean they are coming from the paint. Which is exactly where they did come from. Warner Pacific had 18 points in the paint. Oregon State had 50.

Lathen Wallace lead the Beavers with 15 points. Josh Tarver and Sean Carter both had 14, and Seth Tarver had 11. He left the game in the second half with what was reported to be a minor injury. Calvin Haynes put up 8, Roeland had 7, Stovall had 5, and Rickey Claitt 3.

We need to develop some shooters if we want a shot at doing anything this year. The Beavers' two threes came in the first half. One from Lathen Wallace, and one from Josh Tarver. OSU was 0-7 from downtown in the second half.

But the biggest issues for the Beavers may be happening off the court. Some rumors are circulating on that a fight broke out between Calvin Hampton and Omari Johnson in the locker room. The say that Hampton hit Johnson so hard that Omari will now need facial surgery and will miss the whole season. It seems like Hampton is paying his time now. It makes sense-- Johnson was sitting out for a "violation of team rules," and Johnson is going to have surgery.

It looks like Seth Tarver will be fine. He left with 14:47 remaining in the game with cramps in his thigh. His brother Josh said that "He's (just) being a (deleted)". So it looks like there will be no problems there.

We are still awaiting the return of Marcel Jones (thumb). He'll be a big addition to the lineup.

The Beavers play their second and final exhibition game next Sunday against Western Washington. (Western Washington? Where do we find these teams?)

By the way, the final score was Oregon State 78, Warner Pacific 55.

GO BEAVERS! You're 1-0.