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Pac-10 Wrap

Hopefully the Beaver D can slam the Locker shut.
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma (via ESPN)

Most everything in the Pac-10 went according to plan this week, that is if you picked the Ducks to win the game down in Eugene. The only game that strayed a bit from the expected outcome was the Arizona/ UCLA game. I thought Arizona would win, because a) UCLA isn't very good (I know, they smoked us) b) Karl Dorrel isn't a very good coach, and c) Willie Tuitama is very good. Tuitama put up 341 yards and 3 touchdowns on the Bruins defense that includes my least favorite player in all of college football, #44 Bruce Davis. Watch him play and you know what I mean.

UCLA is projected to go to the Vegas Bowl ahead of the Beavers, who look like they're headed for the Armed Forces Bowl at this point. But I think the Beavs are headed to Vegas. Why? The Bruins have Arizona State, Oregon, and USC left on the schedule. If you can't beat Washington State or Arizona, you're most likely going to go 0-fer against the toughest teams in the conference. The Bruins may not even reach bowl eligibility.

Washington handed it to Stanford on Saturday, which gives the Huskies confidence the Beavers didn't want them to have heading into next Saturday. And to add to it, Washington's Louis Renkin turned in one of the best rushing performances Washington has ever seen-- 255 yards on 36 carries. Locker ran for 97 more, and threw for 151. So now that we've spent the whole first half of the season worrying about stopping Locker, the Huskies now have two threats that are coming off big games.

California beat Washington State in a boring football game that not many people watched. With a loss, Cal would have successfully fallen off the face of the earth, but they managed to pull together a win. I don't know about you, but watching a FSN-televised college football game at night is about as bad as it gets. And don't get me started on the bias the FSN guys have towards the Washington schools. It may-as-well be called FSN Washington.

And finally, the Ducks beat the Sun Devils in a game I stopped watching when the Beavers came on. Everyone seems to be talking about the Ducks playing in the National Championship this year, which is truly a waste of time on their part since the Beavers will roll over the Ducks in the Civil War anyway. Oh and it's on my mind, this game also involved a quarterback getting sacked nine times.

And then, there was the game between the Beavers and Trojans. I'm tempted to pull a Trojan joke here, but I really don't feel like it.

It's Washington this week for the Beavers, and now that Canfield could be out, this game could get really interesting.