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Canfield hurts shoulder-- Deja vu?

A week after Yvenson Bernard hurt his left shoulder,  had to have a MRI on Monday, and was listed as "questionable", Cliff Kirkpatrick is reporting that OSU quarterback Sean Canfield has a hurt left shoulder, will have a MRI on Monday, and is listed as "questionable."

And that's his throwing shoulder.

Sean isn't the only one banged up after OSU's 24-3 loss to USC. Bernard didn't play, and either did Jeremy Perry who is still trying to recover from a broken leg. Tim Clark left the game with a back injury, Shane Morales left with a knee injury, Dorian Smith also left with a knee injury, Gerard Lee left with a hamstring injury, and Matthew Sieverson left with a stinger. The only one that could be serious at this point is DE Dorian Smith's knee injury. He will also have a MRI tomorrow.

Again, head over to Cliff's blog for the full scoop. I'm sure we'll hear more regarding these injuries tomorrow.

So if Sean can't go on Saturday, do you go to Lyle, or skip him and go to Gundy?