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Q&A with Clone Chronicles

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Even though the Civil War is tomorrow and most fans are gearing up for that, the basketball team is preparing for a match-up with Iowa State in the Pac-10/ Big 12 Hardwood Classic. This is the first meeting ever between the two schools, but it's a match-up of two teams that are near the bottom (or at the bottom) of their conference in RPI.

We're happy to bring in Clone Chronicles for a few questions about the Cyclones. Since it's early in the season and we both don't know a whole lot about the opposing team, we're keeping this one short and sweet.

Building the Dam: Who is your biggest scoring threat?

Clone Chronicles: Wesley Johnson, coming off of an injury, was one of the most impressive freshman in America last year. He scored 18 points in his first game back. A 6-7 shooting guard, he likes to shoot over the defenders. He also has a nose for the ball, but his move to the backcourt has hurt his rebounding.

Building the Dam: Who should we watch out for on the boards, and what kind of rebounding team is Iowa State?

Clone Chronicles: Jiri Hubalek, maybe? He'll likely end up with over 8 boards, but he finds himself out of position a lot. We are a horrible rebounding team at this juncture, despite having considerable size. I wish someone would tell our guys to box out.

Building the Dam: What kind of season is expected out of the Cyclones?

Clone Chronicles: At this point, 15 wins would be pretty big. With a roster in real flux, decimated by injuries, it is pretty clear we suck. It's hard to imagine we could finish much better than 10th in the conference this year, and I don't expect us to come out of Corvalis unless we are either finally healthy or we happen to play over our heads.

Building the Dam Are there any young up-and-comming players who could make a difference in the game on Friday night?

Clone Chronicles: If you find one, tell me. The closest would be Diante Garrett, our point guard who is silky smooth, but is a true freshman. He'll put up some ugly shots, but I think he's pretty talented.

Building the Dam: How will the Cyclones hurt the Beavers, a team that ranks tenth in the Pac-10 in almost every offensive category?

Clone Chronicles: Our offense is pretty offensive too. The defense has been pretty decent all year, but we're struggling to put up any points at all. The winner of the game could legitimately have around 50 points.

I see Oregon State as an 8 point winner at home. ISU is just not an enjoyable team to watch right now.




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